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We have all experienced the negative voices in our heads. That voice that tells you to procrastinate, not go to work and to just lounge feeling lazy. The truth is that nothing good comes out of these negative voices, especially if you have already yielded to it and allow it rule your life. As tempting as it is to sit back and lay in your bed like Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song, real life isn’t at all like that. You have to get up, fight your battles, conquer the day and make progress or you won’t like where you would end up. Therefore, it is essential you tackle the negative voice as soon as it manifests itself. Here is how to tame the ‘monster’ voices in your head:


Recognize its presence

The voice has been there since like forever. It is competing with the good voice. It now depends on which one you allow to control you. Before you can do this, you have to acknowledge the presence of these negative voices. It is easier to deal with the voices once you recognize its presence and what it does to you. Fact is, it’s there, it just depends on whether you recognise it or not.

Overwhelm it with positive thoughts

When the negative thoughts are rearing their ugly heads, you should immediately drown them with positive thoughts. Don’t give negativity any chance to take over you. For example, the negative voice tells you to sleep for 30 minutes. You can respond by saying ‘no if I sleep for 30 minutes more, I will be late.’ Literally say it out loud, it works better that way.

Picture your dreams

Where are you going? What are your ambitions? These are the things you should do when the negative voices arrive. You should just picture your dreams and goals. This will prompt to ignore this voice, do whatever you have to do to work towards your goals or dreams no matter what they are. Fight for yourself and the rewards are simply fulfilment and satisfaction.

Convert it to your friend

The truth is the negative voice can’t just become a ghost. It will continue haunting you. What you do about it, is what is important. You can turn it to your friend. Talk to it as if you are interacting with your friend. This will enable you to control the thought whenever it appears to be at its A-game.

Change your vocabulary

Changing your vocabulary can also help in silencing these negative voices. Replace the words in your mind with positive words. Before you know it, you are on your way to defeating the voice. Words like I can, it is possible, I want and I will should be used often.

Now let’s go conquer the week.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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