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Fine, guys will take a large chunk of the responsibilities but once in while, girls should do things that will make him love you more. It doesn’t have to involve money. You will not only be proving that you are not just a taker, it shows that you don’t expect him to do everything for you. In line with this, we share some romantic gestures ladies can do for their lover or bae. Guys may not show it but they like their girlfriends to show love to them via these little romantic acts:




Order food to be delivered to his office

There are quite a number of online food delivery platforms around. You can order his preferred food and send it to him. He will be pleasantly surprised at this gesture. He will give you a call immediately he receives the order to express his surprise and say thank you.

Wear his favourite outfit

If you are going on a date, you should wear his favourite outfit. That particular one he likes and will not hesitate to tell you that he likes it. And also look good. The first thing he will compliment is your outfit. Don’t underestimate the power of wearing a man’s favourite attire and looking good at the same time.


Volunteer to pay for dinner 

A guy’s ego is not likely to allow a girl pay for dinner. But you must insist that you settle the bills even if it is once. You are not just any girl. You are his girlfriend. However, don’t make paying for dinner a routine.

Wrap a simple gift for him

This is another little gesture you can do. Wrap him a gift and leave it in his car. Please, not boxers and singlet.

Record a love message or song on his phone

You can also record either a love message or a song on his phone. Then get him to listen to it when he is in bed. He will definitely feel the butterflies in his tummy!

Photo credit: The Huffington Post

Written by Damilola Faustino

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