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The Easter Holiday is gradually creeping up on us. And before we know it, it will catch us unaware. In order to avoid that, it is a great idea to start planning your vacation a little ahead of time. Many online hotel booking portals are offering ridiculous discounts to early birds. Do not wait till last minute to book yours. In case you are confused on how to spend this Easter Holiday, I am here to help (winks). And yes, you don’t have to break the bank; remember to take advantage of the myriads of “awoof Easter packages” offered by many travel sites in Nigeria. Below are 4 places you can visit with your significant other, family members or friends this Easter Holiday:


  1. Lekki Leisure Lake

Located in serene highbrow Lekki area of Lagos State, the Lekki Leisure Lake is the perfect getaway for fun lovers and seekers this Easter Holiday. It is often referred to as a family oriented resort because there are so many activities for every member of the family to indulge in. Some of the fun things to do at Lekki Leisure Lake include: ride the Quad Bikes along the designated beach tracks, go Jet Skiing under the guidance of an instructor, cruise along the beautiful natural lake on a Pontoon Boat, and ride on the wave boat with a group of 6 people. These rides are however not free, you have to pay a token before you can get on them.


  1. Obudu Mountain Resort

Situated on the Obudu Plateau in Cross River State region of Nigeria, the Obudu Mountain Resort is a place to be. The resort is notable for having Africa’s longest cable car which is about 4km in length. The cable line extends from the bottom of the mountain through an extremely winding road to the top of the resort, thus providing an unparalleled view of the mountain to guests. While on the mountain top, tourists can see the beauty of the region while taking in the freshness of the atmosphere. Exquisite and luxurious on-site accommodation is provided for guests at the resort, thereby making it a perfect getaway spot for this Easter Holiday. So, get ready, pack your bags, all the way to Obudu!

 WHispering Palms

  1. The Whispering Palms Resort

Situated in Badagry area of Lagos State, The Whispering Palms Resort has an overwhelming scenery that will warm the hearts of all and sundry. The cool breeze from the Atlantic Ocean coupled with the ambiance of the resort makes it a good place to visit with your significant other this Easter Holiday. In fact, Whispering Palms Resort is the perfect getaway for lovers. The on-site hotel accommodation at the resort has spacious and cozy lounges, terraced lagoon front fitted with concrete tables and seats for guests to relax and unwind, as well as a standard swimming pool.


  1. Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort

Popularly referred to as the pride of Uyo, Le Méridien Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort is a romantic haven. It is located on a hilltop ridge in Akwa Ibom State, with a breathtaking view over the rainforest, stretching forth to the mountain of Cameroon. The 5 star hotel and resort has a lush green world class 18 hole golf course, thus making it a perfect location for pleasure seekers to hangout this coming Easter Holiday. The on-site restaurant serves one of the most delicious local and intercontinental dishes in this region of the country.

Written by Sandra Enaholo

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