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Hello, sweet and beautiful angels, it’s Saturday and your lady friend is getting married while you are still singing ‘pick up’ by Adekunle Gold and buying asoebi. If you are in this category, you have no choice but to leave all your worries behind and joyfully wear the asoebi you have spent a fortune on- there is a key reason why you should attend today’s owanbe. Just one word – ‘SLAY’. It will be a crime if you don’t seize the opportunity to slay. Here are 5 tips on how to turn heads at an owambe:

1: Choose The Right Dress


Don’t go out unless even your grandpa can’t help but tell you that you are hot. There is no excuse to not look damn hot. Choose the right cloth that suits your body. Choose the dress that shows your favorite body part. Do you have beautiful arms- then you want to wear a tube dress or an armless designed outfit. Do you have long legs- then you show them in those high slits or short dress. Do you have boobs- pay attention to your neckline.

Note: don’t dress slutty. Your future husband might be there with his family, please don’t be your own bad market.

2: Look Like A Million Bucks


Give yourself a treat and beat the hell out of your face. The goal is to make sure people get to look at you till they drool (well…literally). Look like you are the bride of the day. Look like your face was created in that angelic way. Look like you were the most expensive makeup in the world. Look like a million bucks. There is a class and natural appeal this brings.

3: Accessorize Right


Wear what is bold. Wear what suits your choice of dress and what you are comfortable with. Invest in a jewelry of high quality. Trust me, this is an asset and you will definitely get heads turning.

4: Shoes and Bags


Just like your jewelry, as you step into the event, your feet should be noticed. If you are wearing a long dress, this is your cue to raise your dress so your feet can radiate its awesomeness. So is your bag. Choose glittery designs and flaunt it baby girl.

5: Smell Great


Make sure you smell like you bathe in chocolate mixed with strawberry. Smell so damn good. Have good perfumes. Invest in quality.

6: Smile


Crown your million buck look with smiles. Smile like you have no worries in the world. Laugh even if the joke is silly or very stupid. This will make you look relaxed and attention will be drawn to you. Everyone will want to see the joy that radiates from you.

Do you have more tips on how to turn heads in an #owambe? Drop your comments, tips in the comment section below.

Written by Efe Ohworakpo

Image Credit: BellaNaija, MarieClaire, Pinterest, GreenNews

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