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Social media is not only restricted to sharing comments and pictures like many people do today. It can also help you do other things like getting a job. Hence, as you are job hunting offline, do not forget online job search especially on social media. Here’s how social media can help you get a job.

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—Be who you say you are

Your social media profile should be the same across all your social media platforms. Your twitter profile should not be different from your Facebook or LinkedIn profile. In addition, the content of your Curriculum Vitae should not be dissimilar with what is on your profiles.

—Project a professional image

Pictures say a lot about you. You should share images that reveal that you are a serious person. This is very important if you are using LinkedIn. LinkedIn is where you find thousands of professional and companies that are looking for potential employees. So, you do not want to come off as unserious.

—Show your communication skills

Communication, in this case, does not mean you interacting with companies. It is what you share on social media. You have to be conscious of your tweets and avoid unnecessary grammatical and punctuation errors.

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—Follow companies/groups on LinkedIn & Twitter

You should follow companies that have the potential of hiring you. This is because many of them share any available vacancies first on social media. They rarely advertise on the pages of newspapers nowadays.

—Reach out to your friends on Facebook 

You have friends from different parts of Nigeria. The ones you have met and the ones you haven’t. Regardless, you should send them messages that they should contact you if they hear of any job opening.

—Interact with potential employers

There is no harm in trying. You can chat up potential employees on twitter and make inquiries about any vacancy. You may be in luck and there may be a number of vacancies that fits your C.V.

—Be active and build a following

In this social media age, you have to be active on social media. You must be on Facebook and Twitter even if you are not on others. If you are active, always engage your followers, tweet intelligent comments and engage your followers. Through this, potential employees will notice you and they will be the ones to contact you for a job.

Written By Damilola Faustino
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