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Accelerate Filmmakers Project Day 2: Getting In The Production Mode

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Having gotten rid of the jitters from Day 1, Accelerate Filmmakers Project participants were extra ready for day 2.


The students refreshed their memories on exciting Day 1 lessons.

Hear what some of them shared:

Temitope: There’s no particular rules behind filming, just be creative in whatever you find yourself doing.

Michael: Based on Bibi’s teaching, everybody in a movie production is very imperative, more so, you need to understand what you are doing if you want to be a great filmmaker and you should always give in your best.

Shittu: I was a novice at first but now I know I need to buckle up if he need to be a filmmaker.

Adenike: Be humbled by the creativity of other people.

Kunle: It was a turnaround for me seeing Nigerian movies stepping into another level. Networking is very important.

Joshua: Try as much as possible to make something simple in a short film or in a short movie, also be creative around it.

Wole: Treat your crew with respect, because you will get to work with them anytime.

Emmanuel: Make sure all scenes have meaning and every script is achievable, both after and before the production.

Olumide: Knowing the type of  audience you are writing for is very important and make sure your message is properly passed to your audience.

Luke: Do not limit yourself to what people are telling you, because it will limit you from your actual goals in life. Also, consume more content in the cinemas. According to Bibi’s quote, understand the kind of filmmaker you want to be and focus on whatever will make your film go well. Use the best actors and the best equipment. 


After the reminiscence, Day 2’s first session commenced with Renowned Production manager, Bose Oshin, who spoke on Production.

Experience Day Three: Hands-On & Practical Experience

She stressed the importance of a production manager on production set, in an interactive class, where she answered questions and cleared lots of doubts.

Bose noted that you need to know the people you are working with on set based on referrals because you might not know everyone.



“After knowing the people you would work with, know more about the script, start with the synopsis of the script by breaking down the script into elements. Also highlight it with different makers so that it will be easy for you to identify them. After breaking down the script, know the budget you are working on and make sure you read your script before knowing how much the whole shoot will cost,” she said.

She mentioned few of the important of people you should work with on a production set, including The Assistant director, Costume, Continuity, Gaffer, Make up, Sound and Light.


Kemi ‘Lala’ Akindoju was also keen on production.

The award winning filmmaker taught participants to prepare for unforeseen circumstances while shooting.

“As a producer on set, you have the power to do anything. If someone is being rude on set, you can write them off your script. it’s all up to you,” she noted.

The day rounded off with lunch, interactive sessions with the speakers and of course, with the participants.


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