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There are thousands of applications that have been developed for different purposes. These apps are very helpful in making life much easier, which is why you should have them handy. The apps cut across social, relationships, and motivation, among others. Plus they are free. See some of the best apps out there:



You must not be from this planet if you do not have WhatsApp on your phone. WhatsApp is an interactive messaging app for chatting with friends, families and your partner. You can even use it for making audio and video calls as far as you have data. With WhatsApp, you will significantly reduce the money you spend on buying call cards. Equally, you will get instant response to your messages and you can even monitor when your recipient receives and reads your messages. Cool yeah?



As the name implies, Shopsavvy helps you compare the prices of whichever items you are shopping for by simply scanning the barcode. After scanning, you leave the rest to the app as it searches for related items and gives you items with the best price. You will be surprised by how much you can save by looking elsewhere for the same item.



This is a well-known photo-sharing app owned by Facebook. On this platform, you can share pictures and 60 seconds videos. By the way, who doesn’t have the Instagram app?



This is the best app for blocking unsolicited or spam calls and messages. The app can also identify any mobile number without a caller ID. It is available for both Android and iPhone users.



This app is mainly for those who consume alcohol. Its main function is to track your drinking trend and also influence your drinking habit. It can also calculate the Blood Alcohol Content in your body. Alcohol kills so please be careful with your consumption.



This app makes it easy for lovers and partners to plan their activities and routines. Users can share outing dates, grocery lists and other things you intend doing together. Makes hanging out so much easier, as everyone can know what to bring and there is no duplication.



Your goals serve as a compass to where you are going in life. This is why you should not lose track of them. Lift is an app that can assist you in keeping tabs with both your long and short-term goals or tasks. It ensures that you complete them, while it sends an alert on the task you haven’t completed.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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