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To_Groove_or_not_to_Groove_ (1)

To Groove Or Not To Groove

The maiden edition of THE EVENT XPERIENCE AFRICA is set to hold this January. Tagged BE MORE…DO MORE…INSPIRING NEW FRONTIERS, The Event Xperience Africa (TEXA) ...
To_Groove_or_not_to_Groove_ (1)

To Groove Or Not To Groove

Zaron Cosmetics Makurdi presents its OPENING PARTY. Start the new year with a bang ✨⚡? DATE: Saturday, 5th January 2019; TIME: 12noon; VENUE: Zaron Cosmetics, C...
lady traveling

Tips To Help Combat Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety is something many travellers encounter. If you're currently nervous flying or traveling in general, these are quick tips that can help you calmly...
How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Why We Love Christmas

Christmas is personally my favourite holiday of the year. And this is not just because I am a Christian and being reminded of the love and gift of Jesus. I love...