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Omoni Oboli may not get any respite soon on the accusation about stealing the plot of her movie, Okafor’s law, as a Federal High Court in Lagos has issued an AntonPiller order ordering the seizure of the film. The order was proclaimed by Justice Ibrahim Buba.

unnamed (73)The judge ordered the seizure of all copies, materials, projections or infringing materials, relating to the subject matter.

Oboli had been accused by a Canada based script writer, Mr Jude Idada who claimed “Okafor’s Law” as his intellectual property.

The plaintiff had filed the suit through Chief Anthony Idigbe (SAN), seeking an order halting the premiere and release of the said “Okafor’s Law”, pending the determination of a copyright infringement suit filed against Oboli.

omoni oboli

The court made the following orders: “An order of interim injunction, restraining the first to third defendants, whether by themselves or their privies, from premiering the feature film “Okafor’s Law”, in Lagos or any part of Nigeria, pending the hearing of the motion on notice.

“An order of interim injunction, restraining the defendant from releasing the featured film in any movie theatre or Cinema house on March 31, pending the hearing of the motion on notice.

“An order of interim injunction, restraining the defendants from distributing the featured film, pending the determination of the motion on notice.

“An Anton piller order is granted to the plaintiff, to enter into the defendant’s premises, Cinema, Studio and other places of dissemination, to seize all copies of infringing materials relating to subject matter.

“An order, directing the defendants to deliver and surrender to the plaintiff’s solicitors, all products and packages with the inscription, “Okafor’s Law” and volume of transaction or trade which have been done by defendants.

“An order directing the defendants to permit the court’s bailiff, and such other persons not exceeding four (4), to enter the premises on any working day of Monday to Saturday at 8am to 8pm, to remove all products or packages with the name “Okafor’s Law”

“An order for a search to be conducted at (certain residences, whose addresses we would not like to publish) and all other places where Okafor’s Law is stored and sold.

“An order declaring that a failure of defendants to comply with the court’s order, will put the plaintiff at liberty to apply for committal to prison of such person.”

The court thereafter, fixed March 29 for hearing of the motion on notice.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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