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Everyone and their mom is obsessed with Simi. And with good reason. Simi is hands down one of the most talented musicians in the country right now. She sings, she writes, she produces, she masters and she lowkey is why Adekunle Gold’s album was as amazing as it was.

After the amazing year she’s had, with multiple hit singles, numerous producing credits and a whole EP with one of the other hottest musicians around right now (and maybe her boyfriend) Falz the Bahd Guy, we can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for Simi. Here’s what the star had to tell us when we met up with her:




On growing up:

I’m the last girl of four children; well I’m the last born and only girl of four children actually. My father passed two years ago but I grew up mostly with my mom. There actually was not much music in my background… but I was drawn to it.

Family lessons…? I just realized that you learn from your mistakes, because I’m not one to regret things. If I make a mistake I just learn from it because you can’t change it. My parents put it in me at a very a early age. When I think I was nine, you know, it made me grow faster, I mean mentally.




On how she discovered music:

I knew that I knew how to sing when I was nine, because I was in school sometimes I would just sing with my friends and people would be like ‘Aww your voice is so pretty’, so I knew I could sing, but I wasn’t like Beyonce.

Anyways I joined this group in Church called ‘Outstanding’ and we used to sing and dance and rap. I do a little bit of rapping too. I think it was in that group that I found that I really really really really loved music because like I said before I didn’t  really have any background in music, I didn’t have any family that was into music. Then 2008 I did an album. It was a gospel album called ‘OGAJU’. It was produced entirely by Samklef and there was actually one big song on that album which does not have a video, in case you’re planning to go to YouTube, it’s called ‘Ara Ile’. Because of how much people loved the song it just made me believe more in myself. I just realized that I can actually do this

Check out Ara Ile:


On her relationship with Falz:

The first time I ever featured Falz was ‘Jamb Question’ we were friends before, he had sent me a message, because we had actually done (not sure what she said after) because I forgot but then he reminded me, he sent me a message on Twitter a private message, he was like ‘ohh I love your music and before then I’d heard some of his old music and I was like ohh yeah we should hook up on this scene and hang sometime’. So we did get together, that’s how we became friends.

‘Chemistry’ made sense for us to do together cos… well, we have good chemistry! Both musically and as friends.




On her hit tracks:

‘Soldier’ actually started out as my song, I wrote the song and he had heard the song even before ‘Jamb Question’ and I was like you know, ‘you can write a verse for this, but let me be honest with you this song is not going to come out for a while because I already have other material I’m trying to put out’. He was like no problem and then when he was working on his album he called me and was like ‘I want to do a song with you’ and I was like ‘Okay’. Actually, I was even fighting  and gunning for an Afrobeat song. He was like ‘nahh nahh’ , that soldier song and I said ‘but that’s my song’. So we flipped it and it became his song.


On her fashion sense:

My personal style, I’m very very laid back and I can be kind of a tom boy like a girlish type tom boy. I like sneakers and jeans, crop tops, just jeans. I like to play dress up sometimes, I think its fun. But my general life, I like to be comfortable like wearing shorts, I like shorts.

I think the outfit that has had the weirdest comments was this absolutely beautiful dress- it’s green and yellow and it was like a halter and then it had this chain thing hanging. But then when I took a picture, it didn’t photograph as nice as the dress was. But I guess maybe I didn’t know at the time and I posted it and then people were like ‘why does this look weird’. The thing is its very hard to get to me especially when if I know something is not true because I knew how beautiful the dress was. People that were around me they were like ‘what are they talking about? I swear that dress was nice’ I will say that one was the one that got the weirdest comments; people said it looked like I was going for cultural dance.




On what she thinks of fashion in Nigeria:

The word I will say is ‘exotic’, I think that we are becoming more exotic, before the kind of things that I would see that a designer from here would say I’m making something, it didn’t really invoke anything magical your just like ‘Awnn that’s nice’, but now you see something and you want to look at it and ask ‘how did you think of that?’. There is more creativity, people are beginning to open their minds more and it’s because people are more receptive to bigger ideas and stuff. I think that there’s definitely been a step up and you see even foreign celebrities wearing African designs, you see Beyonce wearing a jumpsuit that is and you know we must definitely be in the right direction.



We love us some Simi and are super excited to see all the magic she’s going to go on to achieve.

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