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Many brides get confused when it comes to choosing makeup style for their big day. You always want it perfect and you cannot afford to make the wrong choice.

First thing brides must take note of is the need to select a look that compliments your overall wedding theme. This can help you streamline your options and give you a better perspective.

So you can know that if your wedding has a flowery, cheery theme, you might want to stick with a cheery, bright and colourful make up.

If it is a plain, classy, glittery theme, then your makeup could be monotone or smokey with some shimmer.

Enough of the talk. Let us tell you 4 ways you can achieve the perfect look for your big day without worrying your pretty head:

smokey eye

  • Glamorous Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are always a great idea for brides. It helps to draw attention to the eyes and give the sultry cat eye look with perfection. You can add fake lashes to intensify your smokey eyes. So if you are thinking of going smokey, you will have to let your eyes take the center stage, while the rest of your face sits in the background. This means that your lips cannot be as shouty as your eyes. Therefore, you should go with a nude lip tone and peachy cheeks.

red lips

  • Gorgeous Scarlet Lips

Many black people love the red lips. Why won’t they? It is sexy and always looks good on people of black skin. Bold, red lips are perfect for a fall or winter wedding, especially when paired with warm, earthy shades of eye shadow and blush. Like we always emphasise, both your eyes and your lips should not be screaming and fighting for attention at the same time, so if your lips are popping, you should keep your eyes a bit subtle. Don’t forget to always moisturise your lips with lip balm to make your lipstick shimmer for a longer period of time.


  • Fresh and Modern

Another great wedding makeup inspiration is the fresh and modern look. This is a more contemporary style, where you inculcate the beige colour theme to your eyes, paired with a soft pink blush and a sophisticated wine-stained lip colour. This makeup is perfect for a garden, or outdoor wedding.


  • Romantic

For a more romantic feel, you should go for a colourful make up, but not too colourful. When mixing the colours on your entire face, you must bear in mind great colour combinations that will match your eyes and lips. It helps to create a soft, dreamy makeup look that is subtle, yet eye-catching. you could pair a lavender-hued eye shadow with soft pink-stained cheeks and lustrous lip gloss for extra shine.

Now head on to your closet and begin the experiments to know which makeup look will work best for the theme of your wedding.

Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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