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It finally dropped!!!!!!!!!!

This past weekend, the world’s most popular convention for comic book lovers around the world had its annual edition; Comic-Con 2016. As always, trailers were dropped and movie lovers around the world begun salivating for the 2017 release of their favourite movies- the plethora of trailer reaction videos surfacing all over YouTube is legit shocking.

While everything was amazing, what we loved the most was the Justice League trailer. And here are 5 reasons why days later, we’re still tripping over it:

  • The DC super heroes assemble: DC is seriously giving Marvel a run for their money. It has been a long time coming but finally the heroes of the DC Universe finally gather up to the same movie. So when you think of the Justice League, you can’t help but think of their comic book counterpart The Avengers. However, this is a uniquely different move from the Marvel Cinematic Universe whereby all the heroes would have had their independent movies and some prolonged series of related event would occur in all the movies triggering a reason why all the heroes would need to assemble.
  • The costumes are sick: To be honest, almost all the costumes in Hollywood are quite a big deal. Audiences want to see the onscreen creation of their favourite comic book characters in the most realistic forms you can imagine , save the critics swing in harshly. Costume designer Michael Wilkinson (American Hustle, Twilight:Breaking Dawn, Tron: Legacy, Man of Steel, Batman V Superman) slayed on this one. Noticeably, Wonder Woman gets an upgrade, Batman is looking better and The Flash’s costume is MAYJAH! We’ll have to see more of him in other trailers to pass our comments, and Aqua Man… *Faints.



  • All the Easter Eggs: There were too many easter eggs for us to cover in this one little article but what can say is we saw the mother box (again) being buried by and ancient race of Vikings, Wonder Woman exploring more of her powers, The Flash working with white lightening (which is different from any of the colours seen in the comics or the TV series) Cyborg being the apparent douche bag of the movie and Batman actually being funny.
  • The On Screen Chemistry: The Avengers are very chatty (when they are not busy beating each other up), but apparently the arc that the DC universe is taking is focused heavily on the narrative of the story than on wise cracking dialogue. The movie offers a huge breathing gap for audiences following the “Doom” filled arc of the Batman V Superman movie as we get a feel of the funny side of Bruce Wayne and speed force filled humour of Barry Allen. Batman and Wonder Woman seem to have great chemistry with snappy comebacks between the pair.


  • The beauty that is Aqua-Man: Yas! Jason Momoa totally rocks as Aqua-Man, and *rolls eyes* ladies feel free to scream at Jason Momoa’s hotness when he is shirtless and blown up in 3D in the cinema hall hehe. The arc that the character takes before joining the team poses to be a headache for the Justice League as he seemingly will be last hero to join the team.

Written by Abiodun Laaro

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