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Platforms such as OXOSI, Dress me outlet and ONYCHEK say they aim to make African Fashion Global.


According to CNN, an increasing number of designers on the continent are morphing from small tailor businesses into recognized and respected fashion houses, thanks to the INTERNET.

In 2014, When Beyoncé was spotted wearing a shirt and Jacket from South African brand KISUA, it sold out in days. The Musician’s stylist had come across the brand online.

“The internet is a great leveler,” says Kisua’s Ghanaian founder, Samuel Mensah, “The speed with which you can access markets and can generate awareness about your brand is unprecedented in the history of Fashion.”

The e-commerce platform, launched in 2013, sells its own clothes and collaborates with other designers to create collections for its label.

It was born out of Mensah’s travels around the continent as an economist.


When overseas, friends would create wish list for him.

“Next time you are in Senegal or Nigeria or Kenya please buy me this, that I saw so-so wearing,” he explains.

“It always intrigued me why the (African) fashion was so inaccessible. I couldn’t understand why nobody was doing this because consumers obviously wanted the products.”

Indeed E-commerce seemed the logical solution.

So it would be a real pay off if you take advantage of the internet for your fashion career. There’s more than enough proof of how well this works.

Photo source: LFDW 2016 & S. A Chulapp and Senegal Selly Raby Kane

Written by Patrick Eidusi