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As a traveler who needs to stay in hotels either for business or pleasure purposes, there is a real need to be aware of certain hotel safety tips. Whether traveling with company or traveling solo, we have complied a list of safety precautions you should be taking note of when you’re on your next hotel stay.

-Have one of the hotel’s official phone numbers saved on your mobile phone prior to your arrival.
-Call and request that a security guard come get you from the parking lot especially if it’s late at night.
-Ask for a room in a well-lit area
-If staying alone, request for two keys so that they get the impression that someone is coming to join you and discourage intruders.
-Watch out for your bags at a busy check-in desk as it is easy to forget handy things like purse, phones and wallets on the counter while checking in.
-Ask to be given a non-adjoining room as asides your safety, noise from next door can be very disheartening.
-Reject and ask for a new room if your room number is said out loud.

-Check your room thoroughly before locking the door in case you need to make a quick escape
-Check your bathroom, closet, under the bed and even behind the curtains to be sure there is no intruder.
-After a thorough search, go ahead and secure the lock on the door.
-Confirm that the desk phone is working as you might want to reach front desk in case of an emergency
-Cover the key peep hole with tissue if there is one

-Find out who it is first before opening the door
-Ask room service to call before showing up and knocking the door
-If you’re unsure who is at the door, call room service to confirm before opening the door
-Finally always ask the hotel officials what kind of security they have in place for your safety and always trust your intuition.

We’ve probably freaked you out a little with all these tips but hey- better safe than sorry! Now go forth my travelers and stay safe!


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Images: Talatona Convention Hotel

Written by Treasure Asanammy 

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