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Dear Nigerians in the abroad, one thing you miss most about home is definitely not how PHCN hold on to our electricity or how the neighboring religious groups remind you of how much of God you need, neither is it how much you miss your old friends or neighbourhood, what you miss without an iota of doubt is FOOD. Yes, mouth-watering-soul-lifting-body-nourishing-food.

Here are some foods you surely miss a lot;



Popularly known for it’s mushy and very soft look, Ewa Aganyin is one food Nigerians in the abroad won’t forget in a rush. Enjoy with bread, fried plantain or boiled yam, this beans with its spicy sauce is one meal you crave for.



Banga soup is best served with Starch is one meal that just blows one’s mind. Where in the abroad can you find this meal cooked with ‘orisirisi’ kinds of meat and fish? You better come home.



Do I have to elaborate on these? Is it the locally grown rice or the oil that is produced right here? You surely miss the aroma of hot ofada rice wrapped in leaves and garnished with locust beans and meats.



Suya can be described as grilled spicy beef skewers with a very subtle nutty taste. Legend has it that the beef is seasoned with a top-secret marinade recipe known only by the mallams in the North of Nigeria. This with soaked garri, or agege bread or cooked with suya is always a winner for the night.



This traditional rich creamy bean soup, with a faint pleasant yellow color is usually served in local food joints with hot amala and ‘ogunfe’ (Goat meat). Reminiscing? You surely miss home.



Do you remember sitting with your boys at the local joints talking and chilling over cold bottles of beer, asun, suya, pepper soup and Nkwobi? Am I making you salivate? *Oops*

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Image Credit: Knorr, Chrayilsafarionline, Dobby’s signature, Chinnyskitchen

Written by Efe Ohworakpo

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