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After what is literally YEARS of waiting, Frank Ocean finally gave us something- a 45 minute visual album called ‘Endless’, which emerged via Apple Music and features the new music he has been playing in his mysterious warehouse.

Look that’s great and all but for the love of all that is good and Holy, where is ‘Boys Don’t Cry’!? Another Friday has passed but the album Frank Ocean promised us is not in sight. In 2015, Frank Ocean sat on the floor and was holding an album that said ‘Boys Don’t Cry’. Was he lying?  Was that really just a piece of empty cardboard? Or is it that now boys do in fact cry? Can somebody tell this boy to stop playing kalo kalo with us!?

Frank Ocean announced he was working on new music in early 2013, and in April 2014 he hinted that his next album was finished.  We didn’t hear much after that, but posts from the artist kept fans eager and angry and the anticipation got to a point where Frank Ocean’s inability to deliver has become an internet meme. In July, he posted yet another mysterious message in the form of an overdue library card, which implied the album would be coming that month. To the surprise of no one, he missed that deadline too.

We haven’t listened to Endless yet. But all we know is that when it comes down to it, Frank Ocean is still annoying us. So this album better be good.


Written by Damilola Okejide

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