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Dear Mr. President,

Nigerians are very excited (you can see from the celebrations in the North. I don’t know what is wrong with people in the south) to have you back after your medical sojourn to the country of Theresa May. I guess she did not have the time to see you as she is busy Brexiting from Europe. Please forgive her on our behalf. At least you got a call from the Trump running America, a visit from the Archbishop of Canterbury and from our beloved senators. By the way, how is Queen Elizabeth?


Mr. President, as you stepped out from the plane yesterday, some Nigerians still doubted that you had returned. I want to report them and some of the other things they said when you were in London. They said it was a lie. They wanted to see your picture and want to hear you speak.

When you eventually addressed the media, and you said you may be shuttling between Nigeria and UK for medical checkup, they said you should resign and go take care of yourself! They even said that hope it is not Nigeria’s money you are using to take care of yourself.

Ha ha…Nigerians self, you can never satisfy them. Nigerians please go take a chill pill. At least Mr. President is back. And shame on those that said he is dead.


Sir, I also heard that some Nigerians said that you came back because you don’t want Saraki to become the Vice President. While others claimed you only came to pick up your charger. It is what I heard I am trying to tell you, sir.

In addition, some Nigerians are seriously praying for you because they are insinuating that it is a spiritual attack because you are fighting corruption too much. They said I should tell you that you are covered in both the cloak of Allah and that of Jesus Christ combined.

By the way, thank you for doing the proper and constitutional thing by handing over to Osinbajo. The Prof. has really done well during your absence. These same Nigerians said you should not have handed over to him because he may outshine you.


As acting President, the Dollar to Naira rate dropped, a former governor was sent to jail, and the wheels of corruption weren’t halted. Lest I forget, Andrew Yakubu hid dollars and pounds in a dilapidated building. I am sure you were shocked when you heard he even had the effrontery to go to court to return Nigeria’s hard currency back.

Again, Mr. President welcome back and we wish you quick recovery so that you can take over. Though some Nigerians say they want Osinbajo to continue. Sir, Please Ignore them.

Everything said and done, they said I should ask you what you brought them from London, sir?

Mr. President Sir, I am sure you know these Nigerians?

Yours Faithfully,

Chinedu Tosin Musa

Written by Damilola Faustino

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