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Honestly, I don’t understand the season anymore. One minute it’s raining cat and gods and the next it’s hot and sunny and are skin is harmattan dry.

I’m always at a loss sometimes as to what to wear with an unpredictable weather. But I have arrived at a conclusion of my must have pieces for any weather.



  • Chinos: They aren’t as thick as jeans so they don’t build too much heat like jeans would.


It is definitely a must have for you considering the nights will soon be cold when the harmattan sets in. By the way, no one says you can’t wear them now… rock em’ if you’ve got em.




  • Face caps: This vital piece protects my head and face from the ray of the sun.


Since the weather is really hot now and I am not a fan of umbrellas, caps can come in handy. And oh, they also give me a sporty look. The harmattarn isn’t pleasant weather, so the cap can help fight off dust stains on your million dollar hair too.




  • Sunshades: If you wear recommended glasses like I do, then you might feel this doesn’t apply to you. Well, it does.


The trick to owning this is really simple- convert your glasses to “suntacles” – sunshade + spectacles.




  • Stilettoes: Now this is my favourite part. Heels! Heels! Heels!


The look you get when you walk past a gathering when you wear them heels is just out of this world. As the harmattan season comes closer and closer, you don’t have to be scared of the rain smearing or spoiling your shoes. You can afford to throw all caution to the wind as I wish to do right now.


Written by Odinekchuwkwu Ishicheli

Images: Google

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