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“This is my resting bitch face!” I have had to watch (cringe actually) my best friend yell this phrase several times to people who don’t understand why she goes about with a grouchy look on her face. Ever notice how some people’s neutral facial expression tend to look irritated, snobby, hostile, sad or even expressionless?


rihanna resting bitch face

International celebrities like Kanye West, Victoria Beckham and Kristen Stewart are popular for having angry looks. This kind of look doesn’t only send the wrong message about your feelings but it also scares away potential partners. Even the bravest guy will have to think twice before approaching a girl who has a snobby or angry look on and girls will definitely be wary about going near a guy that looks like he’s about to snap at any minute.

If you have the “bitch resting face” syndrome and find it a bit tedious attracting members of the opposite sex, here’s a little help coming your way:

-Rather than reinforcing the intimidating look on your face with your appearance, you can actually use it to work for you. Dressing like a nerve-racking hulk or wearing goth makeup in addition to the look on your face will definitely scare off your next bae. Try to wear fun and warm colored clothing; paying attention to your makeup, hair cut and hairstyles can go a long way in softening the fierce or cold look on your face.

-Make a little adjustment to you facial expression and body language if you can. Since you can’t go about carrying a placard that says “Forget my face, am a nice person goes ahead and talk to me” then smile as often as you can. Nope we’re not asking you to go about grinning for but a little smile when you make an eye contact with that cute girl might change her mind about you.

-Stop caring! Ignore the judgmental looks and comments if you’re endowed with patience but if you’re like us and have got zero chill and a smart mouth then of course a lil’ clap back is allowed. It’s YOUR face and you really don’t have to explain anything to anyone if you don’t feel like it.


angela merkel resting bitch face


Written by Treasure Asanammy 

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