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Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could use your phone for a full 24 hours, without having to repower it?

phone battery

More often than not, our phones’ batteries run down quicker than the phone specifications say and it just pisses us off. You simply have to make little adjustments to make your battery last longer. Here are some of the things you can do:

auto brightness

1. Use auto brightness

Use automatic brightness so that your phone can automatically adjust to the lighting of its environment. This said, the important thing is for you to ensure that the backlight of your phone is not too bright. You could simply adjust the brightness of the phone to a low level so that it does not eat too much of your battery.

phone wifi

2. Turn off Wi-Fi

WiFi is another battery sucker. It will suck your battery dry if you don’t turn it off. It is even worse if you do not turn off your phone data. From time to time, when you are not making use of your internet, just turn off the data (e.g when you are about to sleep, when you are at work, etc). The world will not come to an end when you go offline.

screen timeout

3. Keep the screen timeout short

The longer the screen time, the more your battery is draining and vice versa. Your screen time should not be more than 30 secs. 2 minutes is too long.

phone bluetooth

4. Switch  off Bluetooth

This is for those who connect their phone to headphones and other Bluetooth compatible devices. Your battery will always run out especially when you forget to turn it off for hours. So, never forget to turn off your Bluetooth.

phone vibration

5. Avoid using vibration

The practice is that if you do not want your phone to ring out, you will place it on vibration. But, unknown to many, vibration uses more battery power than a ringtone. It is either you put it in silence mode or allow it to ring.


6. Turn off irrelevant notifications

You should turn off any unwanted notification; the notifications you do not need will only run down your battery.

background apps

7. Kill Background apps

You will be alerted if any app is using too much battery. It is because it’s running in the background. Always kill background apps to save battery.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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