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Chris Brown and Soulja Boy made headlines this week after a feud ignited following Soulja Boy commenting on an Instagram pic of Brown’s ex Karrueche.

After firing back at one another via social media over the last three days and Brown attacking Tran on Instagram after she posted that the feud was “ridiculous” and stating “There’s so much more out there in life then ‘twitter beefs’” it seems the drama may be coming to an end. At least for Soulja Boy.

Soulja Boy posted an apology video Wednesday Jan. 4 on Twitter

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been acting out,” he said. “At the end of the day, it’s not about who starts the beefs, it’s about who ends them.

So with that being said, I found out that mom is in the hospital,” he added. “The doctors told me everything should be alright, she should be good but no amount of money, no amount of cars, no amount of fame will make me be alright when knowing my mom is sick or anything happening to mom. I love my mother, she always been there since I been born, I got her name tatted on my face. I know she’s not proud of my actions and what I’ve been doing recently.

Soulja Boy said he wants “to make music with Chris Brown” and other artists.

I feel like I’ve been on some hot boy s–t, I apologize,” he said. “I’m back to the music.


Damilola Okejide

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