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We all love to party, especially after a stressful week and this is good; really good. This may include clubbing, going to a concert or festival, having a party at home or attending a party at a friend’s house. But it is important not to lose a thumb or get hurt while enjoying yourself, or the entire point will be missed. So, here are some tips to stay safe and party at the same time.

Party with friends

Go With Friends

Never go to a party alone. Always go with your friends, especially if you are a woman. This is the best strategy for keeping safe. You will be able to watch out for each other while partying. Also, you won’t feel alone.


Don’t drink too much Drink

Don’t down bottles of alcohol indiscriminately or beyond your capacity to the point that you get drunk. If you must drink, drink responsibly. Do not be intimidated by friends who take several bottles. Their body may be able to withstand it.


Choose Nightclubs Sensibly

There are so many night clubs on both the mainland and the Island in Lagos. However, don’t just head to any club that comes to mind. You have to plan and select the nightclub you want to go. Such a night club must guarantee safety and fun.

cash and cards

Be Smart With Cash and Cards

You are going to the club to spend money. This doesn’t mean you should spend all your money. You should carry only what you need. As a matter of fact, you should split the cost among yourselves. No one person should carry the spending responsibilities. As for your ATM, you can leave it in your car or hotel room.

Young woman sleeps in car

Stay in a hotel after party

You should book a hotel room close to the night club so that after the party, you don’t need to drive home at the wee hours of the night. It is not advisable. It is safer to stay in a hotel. If you cannot book a hotel, sleep in your car, safely parked, in the premises of the club.

plan b

Have a backup plan

You don’t want anything to happen but as with life, you are not told when things may go wrong. Therefore, you must have a backup plan. Before you leave, write important numbers in your diary that you should always have in your pocket, as well as have the number of someone you can call anytime in an emergency (it should be on speed dial).

Written by Damilola Faustino

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