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Do you guys remember old school Nigerian hairstyles? Back before the realization of Brazilian hair and those other extensions, people actually sat done to make their God given hair. The styles ranged from ‘all-back’ to ‘Shuku’ (lowkey I don’t really know how to spell it). So let’s all take a little step back and remember those hairstyles we did when we were younger.

The most famous of them all would have been all-back. But if you wanted to stand out and be funky, then all- back and front was the way to go. There was also the famous Shuku. Every Nigerian girl has done shuku at least three times in their life.



And why will I forget ‘Police Cap’. I don’t even know whether that really looked like a police cap but who cares, the name is eternal.




Then there was ‘Love Came Down’. That one was just amazing. Who really comes up with these names.


hairstyles- Okhai Ojeikere

Then when you want to try and force the hair out of your head, ‘Thread’ becomes your best friend. What was annoying about it was that for some unfortunate people, it didn’t even help them grow their hair! So unfortunate…


90s hairstyle - Juliana Kasumu

Nobody will be walking around with crotchet like it’s something new, my friend let us holla to our wool days. It has been reincarnated and revised into crotchet.


Thread hairstyle

All awash with nostalgia? Hit us up with more old school Nigerian hairstyles and pictures from back in the day.

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Written by Nkem Ikeh   

Images: therelentlessbuilder.com, joyceawele22.wordpress.com, Photo by Okhai Ojeikere

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