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Facebook has revealed that they are testing a private chat option where messages disappear in the Facebook messenger app.

Cheating demons

“This is probably the best news cheaters have heard in years…”

Facebook revealed that the messages are hidden after a specified time chooses by the author. The trial, which is on-going, is said to be a “secret message” service, where users can hide, store or make messages disappear on their devices.

Though videos and GIFs cannot be shared via the secret message service at the moment, Facebook sites Health and financial issues as the examples and major reasons why people would want to have private conversations.

The report abuse feature will be introduced to the message service soon and once this happens, deleting of messages will be delayed for flagging purposes.

“Facebook will never have access to plain text messages unless one participant in a secret conversation voluntarily reports the conversation.”

Facebook has revealed that the service will be officially available in a few months. Yay or Nay? We want to know what you think so go ahead, leave a comment 🙂

Written by Doyinsola Olaniyan

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