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A relationship involves two people who agreed to come together to date or be with each other exclusively (or not). The romance blossoms but there are stages where certain challenges begin to make you uncomfortable. This is natural. It is a phase of a love or romantic relationship. Read on to know the different phases! This usually applies to long-term relationships.

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—The acquaintance stage

This is the stage where both of you agree to date after days, months or years of chasing/wooing. You do not really know him/her but you just want to give it a trial. Some people do not even make it beyond this stage before everything collapses.

—The infatuation stage

Both of you are ‘madly’ in love. She is the love of your life, I cannot live without her, bla…bla…bla…Like they say the love is shacking you. In this case, you cannot do without seeing or calling each other.

—The Disturbance stage

Few months down the line, the love begins to decline. Reality sets in and it will seem like she is disturbing you and vice versa. This stage also sees both of you fighting almost every week. If you are not careful, both of you may just break up.

—The Changing stage

Yes, both of you will change because you are now used to each other. Some individuals think their lovers have fallen out of love with them due to the change. No, they are not. It is because they are getting bored and want an alone time. This is when the guy needs to spice up the relationship so that it won’t go bland. Be kind to her and forgive her flaws.

—The Understanding stage

After fighting intermittently for weeks and months, you will begin to understand each other. The fight will reduce. The boundaries will disappear and both of you will be very comfortable in each other’s hands.

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—The Discovery stage

Ha…so you can do this  Jane Doe? Unbelievable! Yes, you will discover many things about your bae. You just have to accept it. Do not try to change him/her. Regardless, if you cannot live with that attitude, it is advisable to quit. At this point, you will be realistic with your dreams and what you want from the relationship.

—The Connection stage

If you can survive the discovery stage, you will connect with each other better. This is where both of you will go deeper in trust. Also, you will see clearly to know if this is the man or woman for you.

—The Sexual stage

Two things happen here; it is either the sexual pleasures evaporate, or it intensifies depending on the level of connection.

—The Trust stage

Trust. All barriers have been broken and shattered. Both of you trust each other and know your flaws. Also, you want to go all the way. This is no longer infatuation, it is called love.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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