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I am sure most of us must have heard our fellow ladies/women pass complaints about their eyelashes. Statements like, my lashes are short, my lashes are scattered and so many other complaints are made. The artificial lashes have been adopted in the world of beauty to make up for those deficiencies found in most women eyelash.


Artificial lashes come in different lengths, looks, textures and more depending on the individual’s preference. They are always worn in order to enhance one’s makeup look and entire beauty in order to fiercely take over any event. Most ladies want to step out with their eyes being the center of attention and building up some charm around them.


-False eyelashes are instrumental in really making your eyes pop. From full-on falsies to individual lashes, there’s no better way to make you look more gorgeous—and more awake.

-False eyelashes are a great way to have tear-proof makeup — instead of having eyeliner and mascara run down your eyes when you attend a big event, false eyelashes won’t leave dark streaks down your face.

-False eyelashes are a wonderful way to enhance your eyes without piling on a ton of makeup.


-While mascara can only darken and lengthen the eyelashes you have, wearing false eyelashes as an alternative to mascara can help your lashes stay strong and healthy. Mascara weakens your eyelashes and makes them brittle. Thus, by wearing false eyelashes as an alternative to mascara your eyelashes will start to look thicker and healthier.


-False eyelashes can multiply the eyelashes that you have, as most ladies want to embrace their natural beauty or look. Reaching out to one artificial look or the other is also one option they love.


With these listed facts about false lashes and seeing its beauty, its sure most of us will adopt it in order to enhance our look.

Written By Ugochi Obiajunwa

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