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People often say that women have got it easy just cos they’re cute. Our inner feminist hates that… but even she has to admit that it’s sort of true You see, guys are the weirdest creatures on earth. The things that excite and impress them are often the most unfathomable. You might not know but there are things that we females do that guys find totally adorable and cute. Sometimes it’s completely by accident. But sometimes you’ve annoyed bae and need to get back in his good books. Here’s a list of ‘unintentional’ things that almost always win guys over (men, please look away now):

  • A free spirited laugh that lights up your face and eyes. You can literally get his friends to fall in love with you too.
  • Pouting. Try that little pouty face that says “aww look at how sad I look” when he refuses to follow you to the cinema or something… you’ll have his heart melting.
  • Tucking your hair behind your ear or playing with it while having a conversation with them. This is just plain sexy and a big turn on for most guys.
  • Biting your lips unconsciously. Damn! Try this and your crush will become your boyfriend in record time. Careful sha cos if overdone, you might come off as sort of slutty.
  • The pose of standing on your toes when trying to reach out for something is really very cute to guys but also know when to ask for his help.
  • Make up free look, clad in his shirt, sweater or a pyjamas while looking messy and comfy is a look that no guy will get enough off.
  • While he loves your natural and comfy look, that dolled up look with hair, dress, make up and heels on point look also gets him tripping all over again for you
  • Your child-like behaviour and mock tantrums. A little bit of child-like, silly fun occasionally around your man is cute. |But don’t cross the line and act childish cos no one wants a baby for a girlfriend.
  • Asking for help to stand. Guys naturally love being called to offer help so go ahead and be his damsel in distress.
  • Calling him by his name. He gets called by his name every other day by other people, but when it comes from your mouth, there’s just something really adorable about it.
  • When you get a little bit mad at him and put up a fake annoyance. Just know when to stop please.
  •  A happy go lucky attitude. Nothing gets to a guy like when he sees a girl being her normal confident, goofy and weird personality when around him.
  • Saying something funny in the middle of an argument. Put an abrupt end to an argument by saying something funny that sends your partner reeling in laughter. Random cute things like is what will make your man think you’re sweetest
  • Showing up splashed in his favorite fragrance. You can sure tell he’ll want to cuddle and snuggle with you all day.
  • A random awkward dance is just really adorable and welcomed at anytime just not around his friends.

Any unintentionally cuteness we missed? Let us know in the comments below.


Written by Treasure Asanammy

And if none of these acts work on the guy you’re seeing, please he’s not normal abeg. It’s time to break up with him!