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No matter how calm and laid back you are, we all have moments that cause us massive stress. Here’s our list of stressful moments that we’ve all dealt with:

  1. When you’re home alone and you hear any kind of noise in your house whatsoever.

1Usually, it’s nothing. But there’s still a 50% chance someone has broken in and you are about to be murdered.

2. When, even if you have checked ten times, you’re never really 100% sure you locked that door.2

3. When your boss calls you into his office and you can feel the impending sack…


4. When you run into someone you sort of know and you actively avoid acknowledging them.


5. When your roommate invites people over to the house you don’t know and you stay holed up in your room cos you really don’t feel like making small talk.


6. When your car makes a weird noise, you take it in immediately, because YOUR CAR IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE….


7. When you are asked to make a speech and you seem chill but really, you are very, very far from chill.


8. And the most stressful moment of them all- when you text someone and they don’t immediately text back and they obviously hate you and now you have to just crawl in a hole and live there forever.


Have any more stressful moments? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Damilola Okejide

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