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They don’t make movie soundtracks like they used to. Back in the day we had Hollywood classics with albums you could jam without skipping a track, because diverse artists come on different songs to cause different kinds of damage.

I mean Eminem’s 8Mile soundtrack JayZ, Nas, Rakim, Macy Gray and so many other on it. The litness was ehn……CHOii!!

Let’s sha reminisce and take a look at 10 movie soundtrack albums worthy of rebuying or redownloading. Not illegally oh abeg, we no send you message.

Here they are in no particular order;

  1. Annie


Does anyone feel like Jay Z really loves this movie? Why else would he have remade 2 of its biggest hits? Which are Hard Knock Life and I Don’t Want Anything But You

Favorites- Easy Street, You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile


2. Cradle To The Grave


This one was just a wild hiphop fest. DMX, 50Cent, Eminem throwing shots at Ja Rule, plus a hot piece from the Joe Budden of those days(Who wasn’t as hot a rapper as the Slaughterhouse savage we know today).

 Favorites- Drag On- Fireman


3. The Lion King 


Right from the first scene of part 1, the song Circle of life just fills you with wholesomeness that keeps coming back and back with all the jamz that run from this movie right into part 2 when you start screaming WE ARE MORE THAN WE ARE…..WE ARE ONE!!!! Whoop!!! LiiiiiiT!!

 Favorites- Hakuna Matata, Upendi, Just cant wait to be king (By Elton John)


4. Wild Wild West


Yes the movie has been trashed over again as a sucky waste of Will Smith’s fine boyness and charm but the soundtrack was blazing as the guns in the film itself. You probably didnt know that Enrique Inglesias’ Bailamos was one of the songs on the compliation. Eminem and Dr Dre were on the album too.

Favorites- Bad Guys Always Die, Wild Wild West


5. Guardians Of The Galaxy


There’s no school like the Old School, and this soundtrack album had those spin, kick and flip hits that Star Lord loves in the film.

Favorites- I Want You Back, Aint No Mountain High Enough


6. Selma


Feel good music on the sounds inspired by this piece. It’s a very laid back listen after you jam the Grammy winning single.

Favorites- Glory


7. 8Mile


As mentioned earlier. This album was total flame with all the hiphoop energy built up by the Shady Records acts, then Nas, Then JayZ and then Macy Gray comes in to tone it down.

Favorites- Time Of My Life, Lose Yourself


8. Barbershop 2


Yes…it was a hotter album than part 1. This time it came harder with Eve, D12, Outkast, Mary J Blige and G,G,G…G- UNIT!!!!

Favorites- Unconditionally, Not Today


9. Hairspray


No rap verses, no booty shaking lyrics, just good old fashioned rich themes and rich expressions. Even John Travolta slayed his parts of the jammings.

Favorites- You Can’t Stop the Beat, Nicest Kids In Town


10. Pitch Perfect 1 and 2


Everyone who saw the movie can testify. It came with some of your all time favorite pop, rock hiphop and RnB favorites. Then part 2 brought us that deadly Fall Out Boy and DJ Khaled Mashup. CHINEKE!!!!!

Favorites- All I Do is Win Mashup, Since You Been Gone

Worthy Mentions;

Suicide Squad


You Got Served


The Bodyguard


Did we leave any album out? or did we forget your favorite one? Hit us up in the comments and tell us what you loved.

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