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When you are broke, some songs make you want to smash something, and others make you want to fall down and cry. Lyrics that you normally just vibe to, will now sound like it was written for you, or that the artist knows how heartbreaking your account balance is at the moment. But some other songs inspire you to work and remind you that you wont be broke forever. So here the 10 best songs to jam to when things dey tight and money dey do shakara for you.

10. P-Square- E No Easy

The best part of this song is where the lyrics go ”even if you no get money….dey jollie dey shake body” And that’s the part where you turn it up, thank God for life and resolve to keep grinding while being happy. “no need to dey tear body”


9. Aloe Blacc- I Need A Dollar

This hustle-mode classic will have you verbalizing your wishes….in foreign currency, as Aloe Blacc chants about needing a paying job and some dough. ” Hey Hey”


8. Disney( Oliver & Company) – Why Should I Worry

Why is a Disney movie song on this list?  Well check out the lyrics. ”Why should i worry, why should i care? I may not have a dime….but i’ve got street savoir faire”

To put it simply, it means i can not come and kee myself, when I know i’m a hustler. Somehow somehow, I go make am.


7. Abba- Money Money Money

What would you rather sing than a chorus that screams MONEY MONEY MONEY? And then reminds you of all you can do if you had some of it. Come on. This is classic for those broke days.


6. Davido Ft Olamide- The Money

Give me the money…biko nyem ego. Please epp me!!! Even when you have money to spend, this song still makes you want more. Especially when those rich boys in the club are popping bottles as if they have the right to sing along with the lyrics…and you don’t.


5. Cassidy- I’m A Hustla

The thing about being broke is that you have to remind yourself that you cant stay broke. As such, you need to bump to those jams that empower you and remind you that you wont bend, break or back down!!! Keep Hustling!!


4. Phyno- E Sure For Me

Once again, you can’t give up.  That rent, that deadline, that debt…as far as you keep grinding….E Sure For You!!!


3. Jay Z FT J.D- Money Aint A Thang

Now you have to throw some arrogance into the mix. Jam to something that makes you feel like…”this money sef no be anything”. And for that sort of mood, this is the number 1 tune.


2. Mase/Puff Daddy/ Notorious BIG- Mo Money Mo Problems

This money that you are even stressing over brings more issues, so put your desire in check and bounce to this classic rhythm, and maybe you will feel better about the state of owu.

Before We Take Number 1. Here are some honourable mentions;

  • T.I- Big S**T Popping
  • Fun- Carry On
  • Korede Bello- Godwin
  • Olu Maintain- Yahoozee
  1. Timaya Ft Flavour- Money

When money no dey…nobody look at my face. Remember who treats you like dirt when you are broke…..so that the victory will be sweet when you are paid and stacking some cheese.

Did we leave any song out? What do you like to listen to when you are low on cash. Please comment and share.

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