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A guy that is interested in you will make it very obvious that he is into you. In fact, he will go as far as doing some crazy things just because he loves (or likes) you.


So, if you have a boy who is doing any of these things to you around, you might want to stop friend zoning the poor guy and give him a chance already.

Also, if your boyfriend is doing any of these following things, you should know that he is very much interested in you and you should just enjoy it and be happy.

  1. He Picks you up from work 
  2. He discusses the future with you
  3. He has eyes for only you
  4. He tells you all his fears, struggles and ambitions
  5. He is there for you when you are ill
  6. He never hesitates to hang out with you even though he is busy
  7.  He gives you his last kobo and trek home
  8. He will show you off to his friends and introduce you to his parents
  9. He makes sure you are  Okay
  10. He never makes you cry
Written By Damilola Faustino

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