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Living in a metropolitan city like Lagos makes it highly possible that you will be stressed.

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No thanks to the traffic and the hectic day you have at work, you might have tight muscles and aching eyes by the end of your day. However, this doesn’t have weigh you down. There are simple ways you can still relax even though you had a busy or stressful day. Read and practice some of these easy steps to unwind after this stressful week:

Take a hot bath

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There is nothing like returning home after a stressful day and taking a hot bath. It will help you calm your muscles and nerves. Besides, it will remove the dirt your body has gathered in the cause of the day.

Take a nap

Young Asian man in a deep exhausted sleep after studying from his book.

Sleep is important. Make sure you get plenty of it.

Drink enough water and eat healthily 

drinking water

Water and good food can help boost your mood. Oftentimes, if you are hungry, you will feel touchy and sensitive.  Immediately you eat, you will become animate. This should be the second thing you should do after taking your bath.

Update your journal


If you are worried or concern about anything, you can write it. This perfect for those who have journals. You do not want to get home and worry about work or any other thing again. Just update your daily journal.

Spend time with family and friends


You can also spend a time with family and friends if you had a busy or stressful day. You can invite them over or you visit them at the weekend.

Pamper yourself at the spa

spa treatment

You can visit a spa where they can help you relax via therapeutic massage and other body relieving services.

Listen to your preferred music

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Calm music will help relax you while an upbeat music will help lift your mood.

Reward yourself

reward gift

You can also reward yourself with gifts and chocolates especially when you complete a task. This will make you happy no matter how busy your day was. You do not need to break the bank when it comes to buying gifts.

Cook a simple meal


Cooking can take your mind off a lot of things.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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