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It’s a new week. If you have a problem removing your shoes in public, this might be the right time to find lasting solutions to them. Imagine returning from your daily hustle or an owambe and the whole room is consumed by the smell of your smelling, stinking shoes! You would be very uncomfortable, to say the least! Just pray, you deal with your smelling shoes before you are told in public that your shoe is stinking. These solutions or tips will help you deal with this smell.


—Baking Soda to absorb the smell


Baking soda is a versatile household item. One of its interesting uses is to deal with shoe odour. It is the perfect shoe deodorizer. Before wearing that smelly shoes again, place two sachets of baking powder inside the shoes so that it can soak up the smell. Alternatively, you can sprinkle some baking powder in the shoes and leave it overnight.

—Spray in alcohol


Bacteria is a major cause of the bad aroma from your shoes. Hence, alcohol and Bacteria are foes. It does not only prevent bacteria, it also ‘murders’ them. You should spray the shoes with alcohol then allow to dry properly.

—Wear socks


Wearing socks is perhaps the best way to stop shoe odour. Just make sure your socks are clean.

—Leave Black teabags in shoes


Black teabags have tannin which is excellent in getting rid of bacteria. Allow the teabags to dry and leave it in your shoes overnight.

—Wash your feet


Imbibe the habit of washing your feet before wearing your shoes.

—Use onions  or orange peels


Onions and orange peels are loaded with antibacterial. So, put several peels of anyone of your choice in your shoes and leave it for several hours.

—Keep shoe dry with baby powder


Dust your shoe with baby powder before leaving home to ensure that it is always dry.

—Put shoes in freezer


This is for stubborn bacteria. You can freeze them to death by putting your shoes in the freezer. Place the shoes in a cellophane bag before dumping it in the freezer.

—Shoe spray


Don’t want to go through all of the above? Just buy a shoe spray and spray your shoes.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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