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With three young boys, an unstoppable career, and a public romance, it’s hard to understand how Gwen Stefani keeps such a fit frame but we did some digging to try to figure it out. Behold: The singer’s tricks for keeping her mental and physical health in check.
Know that consistency is key.

One of the biggest things about getting into and staying in shape is being consistent with working out. Gwen has said that she likes to hit the gym five days a week, because it helps her feel her best.

Make a workout playlist.

Gwen’s hit songs like “Hollaback Girl” have long been some of the best songs to work out to so why not get inspired by the singer next time you’re in the gym with an awesome pump up playlist?

Give boxing a go.

“I’ve tried yoga and Pilates before, but I just prefer old-school fitness workouts,” Gwen told InStyle. For the singer, that means more physical workouts, like boxing.

Take your workout outside.

Being in the gym every day is boring. Whether it’s hiking, jogging, or horseback riding, spending time in nature is a good way to keep your workouts diverse.

Consider going more plant-based.

Gwen started following a vegetarian diet when she was 12 and has been vegan on and off for years, which works for her. It’s important to find a meal plan that works for you and your body. If you want to emulate Gwen, try adding more produce to your diet.

Listen to your body.

While Gwen has always prioritized working out, she’s taken breaks in the past when she felt she needed it, like in 2012: “I kind of stopped working out. I think my body just needed a break. And so I did that, and focused more on feeling good as opposed to beating myself up,” Gwen told Marie Claire

Prioritize spiritual exercise—not just physical.

After her split from ex-husband Gavin Rossdale in 2015, Gwen was on a mission to step up her spirituality. “I’ve been working on my spiritual exercising and like really trying to connect, and be grateful and considerate, and living in the present,” Gwen told US Weekly.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

One of the key components of Gwen’s diet is staying hydrated. Water consumption plays a huge role in weight loss, from increasing your metabolism to fighting hunger aches.

Embrace a routine.

For Gwen, this keeps her on track. “I always feel better when I’m in a routine even though I sometimes hate it,” she told Shape. “I like to do squats and lunges and light weights. I don’t go crazy like I used to. I do just enough to make my body feel good.”

Aim for quality workouts over quantity.

Gwen’s long-time former personal trainer, Mike Heatlie, says it’s not necessary to work out every single day even a minimum of four workouts a week can result in a stronger figure if you’re doing it right. “An individual is better off training for 45 minutes at a higher intensity than 75 minutes of moderate intensity,” he told Shape.

By: Dammy Eneli

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