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Adults love parties, so why not the kids too? Matter of fact some of the most memorable parts of a child’s life are at the cute parties they attend with their friends, where they get to enjoy themselves outside the confines of their schools. So planning a party for your little one? Here are great themes they would never be able to resist:

Sophia The First Themed Party:

sofia the first

sofia the firstSophia The First is a little girl princess created by Disney for the kids television and virtually all kids love it for obvious reasons – there’s a tiara, there’s a princess, she is cute and she battles evil. Every kid wants to be Sophia the first so naturally, a party themed as such would drive them into a happy frenzy. Besides these, the show gives room for numerous ideas of party props and outfits. there are other characters in the show that the kids can all choose to dress as, including her pet animals and unicorn, Princess Amber, Prince James, King Rolland, Baileywick, Miss Nettle, and more.

Baby Shark Themed Party:

baby shark

Baby Shark is a children’s song about a family of sharks, that has been popularized by social media and radio to the point of joining the UK’s Top 40 charts. Kids all over the world have somehow connected easily and so deeply with the song, that it is now one of the best children’s songs out there. So imagine hosting your 1-year-old to a baby shark-themed party, with stuffed sharks in colourful displays here and there and the theme song playing in the background. Needless to say, your little one and his or her friends will enjoy themselves.

Super hero-themed party:

super hero party

Okay this one is rife with ideas. From Ben 10 to Powerpuff Girls, PJ Masks, and so many more, there are tons of cute kiddies super heroes that they would love to have at their parties and give them bragging rights with their friends. Party caps, bags, favours, plates, decos in anyone of these super heroes will get any kid excited.

Tea Party:

tea party

Many children like to plan their own little tea party, like the English royals of the past. So why not bring this to life by asking in the invites, for every kid to dress formal, for your kid’s birthday tea party? It is worth the shot. Make sure to have enough biscuits, iced tea, ceramic coffee mugs and little jugs ready though, because when these kids get in character, trust me, they go all in.

Outdoor/Nature themed Party:

outdoor party

With this, you can leave the fun games to the venue where your party holds so be sure to choose a park with lots of fun adventures and safe games for kids to enjoy. In this case, your part is just to get the venue and invite the kids and take care of the coordination.

Pyjamas Party:

pyjamas party

Another brilliant party idea is the pyjamas party, where the kids come in their favourite sleep wears and maybe even sleep over. It is a ton of work getting lots of kids to sleep over at your house, so maybe you’ll have to minimise the number of kids you invite for this. However, if they are not sleeping over, then it is alright to have the party with as many kids as possible. Party props here will involve face masks and paintings, movie time, among other edibles for the event.

Career-themed party:

kids career

Every child gets to a stage  where they begin to answer questions like “What do you want to be in future?” a lot. And there is an excitement about answering for them. Makes them feel like they have a purpose in life and they can do something their parents can be proud of. So throw your kids a party where they and their friends dress up as their future ambition. It will be fun.

Unicorn Themed Party:

unicorn themed party

This is obvious, everything at the party has to have a unicorn. Even the kids will wear unicorn horns and they have to watch unicorn themed cartoons.

Dinosaur Party:


A child that love sci-fi will find a dinosaur themed party magical. Appeal to his senses by making sure that toys of different species of dinosaurs make it to the party.

Royalty Themed Party:

royaltyWhat child does not want to be royalty? So throw them a ball. Princess, prince, king, queen are all words that kids get familiar with really early in their lives, as they are constantly surrounded by such themed stories in books or television. So, make their dreams come true, by telling everyone to come to the party dressed as royalty but the King or Queen presiding over the entire ball. They will have the time of their lives.

By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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