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Let’s not lie to ourselves, this social distancing thing is not easy. I’ve been at home for five days and I’m already running mad. And that’s why I had to think of ways to keep myself busy. So I’ve put together a list of 10 hobbies you can learn while social distancing:

dancing as part of hobbies to learn

1. Learn A New Language

Out of all the hobbies, this is my favorite to learn because there are no cons to learning a new language. Just think about it; if you learn Spanish now, once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, you can travel to Spain and be able to move around easily because you can speak the language.  You can use lots of free resources online and also use the Duolingo app to help you learn a new language.

2. Writing

From blogging to trying out your hand on a book, to writing articles, there are lots of different ways to enjoy writing. All you need is a pen and paper or a computer to get started. If you don’t know where to start writing from, you can check out writing prompts online.

3. Start a blog

A blog is a great way to express yourself and find like-minded people. Try WordPress – it is completely free and hosts thousands of blogs. Your blog can be about anything your passionate about; fashion, sports, music etc.

cooking hobby

4. Learn How To Cook

Cooking is a useful life skill as well as a fun way to spend your time. Invest in cheap ingredients and learn how to cook all of your favorite meals. You can find free cooking courses on YouTube. And if you already know how to cook and are looking to try out new recipes, you can check out some cooking websites online and also check out Off The Menu

5. Learn To Dance

This low-cost hobby is great for your body and an enjoyable pastime. Use Youtube videos and tutorials to teach yourself new dance moves.

6. Try Drawing

Drawing is a really enjoyable way of expressing yourself. There are lots of different ways to draw, from painting to sketching to doodling, so choose one you are comfortable with and give it a go!

yoga hobby

7. Yoga

Use videos on Youtube to master some yoga positions. It’s low-cost and good for your mind and body! You can also find lots of useful tips for yoga beginners online. Plus yoga is a very rewarding exercise that can easily be practiced at home.

8. Gardening

Gardening can be fulfilling and therapeutic, as well as entertaining. Buy a few cheap packets of seeds, and see what you can grow! You can also find lots of tips on gardening online.

9. Reading

Reading is a great way to exercise your mind. You can choose to lose yourself in a fictional world, learn more about your own world, or read the autobiography of someone you admire. If you decide to pick reading up as a hobby, consider buying books online since social distancing won’t all you go out to the bookstore.

10. Practice Meditation

If you have patience, try practicing meditation to help find inner peace. There is nothing more rewarding than letting go of all your stress.

By: Dammy Eneli

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