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Mother’s Day is upon us!!!

It seems like there’s one every month but this Sunday 22nd March 2020 marks the first of the annual string of celebrations.

If you’re just acquainting yourself with this information, I promise I won’t judge you. But your mum surely will, if Sunday swings by and you have nothing in store for her.

(And if your mum is anything like mine, Corona Virus will not be a good enough excuse, trust me.)

That being said, best get to scrolling to see the Ten Perfect Gifts to get your mum.

From exclusive seasoning cubes for the chef-foodie mum to makeup kits for the OG slay mamas; there’s something for every mum no matter her personality.

The Mother’s Day Gift Guide 

Zaron Cosmetics

Can the true slay MAMAs please stand up.

Gel Eyeliner, Face Powder, Lip Liner and Sharpener.

A whole face kit for a wholesome mother.

2. Access Bank Trusty Journal

Journals are those items you can never have too many of.

Mum will always appreciate a useful gift she can carry around.

Maggi Naija Pot Exclusive 

Foodie mums who appreciate a great tasting meal will later boast about your thoughtfulness to their friends, if you gift them these exclusive seasoning cubes. 

Hand Sanitizer Holder

Buy out the aisle to show you how much you love her (in these trying COVID-19 times) and go one step ahead to gift her the mini -detachable sanitizers.  

    1. Thermal Bottle

Mums on the go can keep their sanctimonious morning coffee in tact… Mums about their health kick can stash their organic juices in this fun sized flask.

Table Top Sculpture
Artsy mums will appreciate this sentimental piece.

They can stash this on their kitchen tops, on their workspaces

A box of Krispy Kreme

A celebratory day = A cheat day in my books. Reward your sweet toothed mum with a dozen specialty doughnuts. She may guilt trip you into following her to the gym later but trust me she’d be super excited. 

R and R Luxury Cosmetics

Help mum shine brighter than a diamond.

R and R Luxury Shea Oils will fight dry season symptoms & the Liquid Black Soap will keep mum’s skin looking ‘lush’.

Spa Voucher from 5th Sense Habitat Spa

In a world where disasters, stress and negative stories are taking over, Mum will love you even more than you can imagine if you reward her with a massage and extra self-care treats.

 A bottle of vino

Something you and your mum can pop open and share amongst yourselves, whilst having a catch up.

For the last minute gifters this will be your best bet.

By: Joan K.Vincent-Otiono