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It’s the season of love, show your mum you truly care. Because you love your mum. And your mum loves this stuff. Easy as that.

pic for mums

It’s another Valentine’s day. It is common to assume the day is all about your ‘other half’. In actual fact, the day is simply about showing love. So how about we think about our moms on a day like this. In reality, no one deserves it more than them. It’s time to start thinking about how you are going to cement your place as your mum’s favourite kid. From cozy knitwear to jewellery. Here are 10 gifts that will help you do it:


For the mum who wants flower every year because they’re less expected and what’s more beautiful than roses?

neck piece

For every mum ever. Because pearls, rose gold and a diamond. Duh.


For the mum who looks like a movie star. Because tortoiseshell is classic.


For the mum who loves chocolate.  Because champagne pairs well with chocolate.


For the mum who wants the best. Because pink champagne is extra special.


For the mum who likes everything to smell good. Because candles – Air freshener.

chopping board

Chopping board or other kitchen items for the mum who likes to cook. Because, like her, it’s one of a kind.


For the mum who is perpetually chic. Because look at it.

wrist watch

For the mum who needs to know the time. Because she doesn’t want to do the time zone math to figure out whether it’s too early to call.


For the mum who appreciates quality. Because it’s made in America.

Source: Esquire.

Written by: Eromosele Patrick Eidusi

IG: @pathrik_

t: @_pathrik

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