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By Bobby Okeke

So when we say Psycho Thrillers we mean psychologically based stories and events. So for this list, we are taking on movies centered around the emotions and psychological positions of its characters, and events that result from their diverse mental states.

10. American Psycho

This is that film where Christian Bale’s spectacular performance as an alpha male with cringe-worthy eccentricities portrays him as a hard working music lover just minding his business…….on the surface. But beneath the facial peel, lies a murderous sexual appetite to prove his own existence in a competitive material world of wall street.  The ending may leave you puzzled in perplexity, but the ride till that point is totally worth it.


9. Basic Instincts

This movie may be famous for other reasons than its actual plot and profound performances (yes the legendary sex scene featuring Micheal Douglas and Sharon Stone), but there is so much more to it, such as the femme fatale theme of breaking all societal limits for creative material, and an ironic insatiability for content…….even though she was insatiable, but not content. Get it?


8. Silence of the lambs

When you picture the perfect psychopath, you mind hardly leans toward the highly educated and sophisticated, and this is one of the chilling things about Hannibal Lecter. This debonair serial killer and cannibal as portrayed by Anthony Hopkins is all sorts of twisted as he plants bombs of chaos into the mind of Detective Clarice Sterling, played by Jodie Foster. And you know the annoying thing? He wasn’t even the one she was after…..he was already in jail, but still being a menace to the mind. You know what, just watch the entire franchise!!


7. Split

Needless to say, to get the full effect of Split, when it gets to the end, you should probably watch the 2000 ‘’Unbreakable’’ starring Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis. Now back to Split. This film takes you on a tiring ride through the horrors of captivity, accompanied by James Mcavoy’s orgy of unstable personalities trapped in one ticking time bomb of a body.

This one will leave you contemplating clinical and metaphysical thesis.


6. The Usual Suspects

Another iconic movie like most in this category, with an ending that will affect you as if it is real life. The ultimate twist which is strongly embedded in pop culture is nothing short of unprecedented. The story follows the chase of a criminal mastermind Kaizer Sose, with the involvement of a number of other characters caught in the fray as this evasive individual keeps proving to be a tough one to nab.


5. Momento

It might be frustrating watching a movie that leaves you confused about the order in which its events occur. A man’s case of momentary amnesia has him picking up little pieces in search of the murderer of his wife, while coping with his own devised method of keeping track of his experiences and discoveries. It’s a whirlwind of events playing out until the ultimate end that leaves you like……yo WTF???


4. Seven

The 7 deadly sins are pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. These are themes of murder propounded by the serial killer in this crime thriller. As 2 detectives played by Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt investigate the case and actually get closer to cracking it, they are exposed to the mind of the suspect and his psychopathic state. The clues they find that leads up to the shocking ending of the film makes the entire blowout even more intense. And in case you already didn’t know….that’s where the line comes from……’’WHAT’S IN THE BOX’’

3. Fight Club

Another blockbuster with a riotous ending, that doesn’t even drag through the run time of the film, like most of the movies on this list. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton’s characters hit the screen with passionate energy every single second you see them. Fight Club is heavy in modern pop culture and it is a film that everyone can take something from, with elements of a revolutionary mob spirit, free thinking and ultimately the power of the mind.

2. Basic

Of all the movies on this list, this is the one with the biggest, baddest and most unprecedented plot twist. The end is such a delightful mind f**k that takes you to a point you never ever would have imagined getting to. Just a couple of soldiers in a jungle on a stormy night playing an unknown game of betrayal, deceit, loyalty and of course…..murder. Or at least……that’s what you think you are watching.

1. Shutter Island

At first you think you are watching a Sherlock Holmes and Watson style mystery, but as it progresses, the visual air around the mental institution where the events take place start to suggest to you that there is more to this story than you came prepared to witness. By the time it climaxes, layers of your soul have now been hosed with confusion juice as you find out that your protagonist is……as in he has……like…he was….You know what….just watch it and find out. Its too deep.




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