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By Uche Sokei

On Wednesday night (Sept. 27), Playboy founder Hugh Hefner passed away. He was 91.

Hugh Hefner

Hefner rose to acclaim in the ’60s when he created Playboy Magazine, a publication known for promoting sexual liberation and featuring captivating interviews.

Despite his age, Hefner’s lax demeanour and glamorous life were always appreciated by the hip-hop community. In the ’90s, he and his illustrious Playboy Mansion made a special appearance on TV sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Rappers such as JAY Z and Lil Wayne often lauded Hefner for his success and sexual escapades on a series of songs. Not forgetting to mention dating 3 women at the same time Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt who became the famous ‘Girls of the playboy mansion’.

Despite his demise, Hefner will forever live on through some of favourite rap tracks. Take a look at which 10 rap songs paid homage to the Playboy King.

  1. Lil Wayne – “God Bless America” 

Lines: “Same shit, different air freshener
I don’t play, boy, I ain’t Hugh Hefner.”

  1. French Montana feat. The Weeknd – “Gifted”

Lines: “This that Tiger Woods on his last swing
This that Jimi Hendrix on his last string
This that Larry Davis on his last bang
You can call me Hugh Hefner on his last fling.”

  1. Joe Budden – “Ordinary Love Shit 4”

Lines: “I just wan’ treat you good and do better
You think I’m running around trying to be the hood’s Hugh Hefner.”

  1. 50 Cent – “Hustler’s Ambition”

Lines: “I’m like the East Coast number one playboy B
Hugh Hefner’ll tell you he ain’t got shit on me.”

  1. Rae Sremmurd – “My X” 

Lines: “Got the Lam, chopped, it ain’t nothin’, I’m the real Hugh Hefner
And you didn’t work out, that’s cool cause my new bitch better.”

  1. Migos – “Cross the Country” 

Lines: “Kevin Hart, your money is too short, you too funny
Call me Takeoff Hugh Hefner, I got playboy bunnies.”

  1. Kevin Gates feat. Doe Boy – “Amnesia”

Lines: “I done fucked so many hoes I can’t keep count no more
Will somebody tell Hugh Hefner he ain’t got shit on Doe?”

  1. Future – “Gone to the Moon” 

Lines: “Yeah, I smoke a box of blunts for breakfast
Ay, and I woke up like Hugh Hefner ay.”

  1. Lil B – “I Got Bitches” 

Lines: “My dude is Hugh Hefner and he fucks with me
I said “Hugh Hefner man, I got more bitches than you”
He said, “That’s not right!”
He said, “You are a liar!”
I said, “Hugh Hefner, you see my bitches tonight?”

  1. Uncle Murda feat. Young MA & Dios Moreno – “THOT”

Lines: “Gotta do better, should’ve knew better
Now I got a bunch’ve broads like Hugh Hefner.”

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