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1. Water! Water! Water! – I know we are told this constantly, but drinking water daily really does play a huge role in hydrating the skin and removing toxins from the body. We all want vibrant and non-wrinkled skin don’t we? 😉

  1. Wear SPF Daily – This African heat no be small oh! Wearing SPF 15+ helps to protect the skin from the sun and prevent hyper pigmentation which WOC are prone to.
  1. Wash your Face Twice a Day – The skin needs to be cleansed in the morning to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells that build up whilst you sleep. Also, again at night to take off makeup and grime that collect during the day.
  1. Do Not Sleep with Makeup On – The worst thing you can do is go to bed with a full face of makeup on! It will clog your pores, change your skin texture (not in a good way) and most likely break you out. No matter how tired you are at night, please be sure to remove all traces of makeup so you don’t regret it in the morning.
  1. Exfoliate at Least Once A Week – Exfoliating helps to renew the skin, reveal fresh skin cells and give the skin a smooth, even texture. Be sure to exfoliate often but not too often as you may do more harm than good.


  1. Use Vitamin C and/or E – These antioxidant vitamins are both known to repair the skin and promote collagen production. You can find them in serums or moisturisers. Be sure to incorporate them into your skincare routine!
  1. Watch your Diet – You are what you eat. Yes there are some people that can eat anything and have great skin but for the majority of us, if we are eating processed, junk food often it will definitely show up on the outside. Try adding some fruits/vegetables into the mix.
  1. Exercise – Not only is exercising good for your body, but it’s also great for your skin. It helps to promote healthy blood flow, opens up your sweat glands and reduces stress.
  1. Avoid Stress – Speaking of stress, turn that frown upside down girl! Stress can give you premature wrinkles, make your hormones unstable and cause your skin to go crazy. Let’s avoid that.
  1. Love the Skin you’re In – Last but not least, loooooove your skin. Enjoy that melanin. Appreciating the skin you are in will allow you to take better care of it.

Written by Pamela Ogboro

Photo Credit: PeopleImages.com/Getty

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