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By Dumbledore’s Pawn

First of all I’m a millennial and I wish I was not. So if you’re older than 30 this list is not for you. Look away from my blasphemy…


  1. Linkin Park – Numb: Post 2010 was great for rock music in Nigeria because people had accepted and imbibed certain rock bands into our culture. Although majority of these bands had a lot of hip-hop collaborations which opened the market for them in this part of the world. This song was a hit at parties so it was always good vibe music to listen to.
  2. Lil Wayne ft Cory Gunz – 6 Foot, 7 Foot: Back when Lil Wayne was the supposed messiah for the rap game. Spitting hot tracks from Amilli to Got Money and then his rock album Rebirth didn’t go so well. He then decided to bless us with The Carter IV which had this gem amongst many others. This song kept me through tough, ‘tougher than Nigerian hair’ times and when I hoped I’d be a rapper.
  3. Blink 182 – I Miss You: The times have changed, there was a time went punk rock took movie by storm. The right song helped display the right emotions and this song is amazing for the nostalgic feeling of loneliness is beautiful. Heartbreak song to the fullest (yes even I, had my share of heartbreaks).
  4. Schoolboy Q ft A$ap Rocky – Hands on the Wheel: A Millennial bop. This song helped transition the world into the new era of hip-hop. This is when two upcoming rappers announced themselves to the world that they were here to stay. I actually loved reading to this song.
  5. BoB – Airplanes– This was his debut single and it was huge. Colossal to be exact. Well that’s not the point. This song was so artistic and inspiring. I have So many good memories from seeing my first result to my first date.
  6. Tyler The Creator – Yonkers: This was me trying my best to be weird and different it was a bop though. It was the sort of rap I need at the time and it helped me open my ears to a whole lot of different but awesome music.
  7. Frank Ocean – Novacane: First I listen to Frank Ocean it was because of Tyler the Creator, this was before the Watch the Throne album. Novacane was different, a singer with lyrics that painted the image vividly. Although his music is better if you’re not sober. He was fun to play at social parties, something light to chill with.
  8. The Weeknd – Wicked Games: The Weeknd has been known for his sexual explicit lyrics and his amazing falsetto voice. This song was one of his first and in my opinion one of his bests. I loved to read and drink wine to this song.
  9. Pusha T ft Tyler the Creator- Trouble on My Mind: My rebel years (lol). This song was so hype. It made me always want to get into trouble. The lyrics were dope, the video was a rebel’s sweet dream. I loved working out to this song.
  10. Nas & Damian Marley – Strong Will Continue: This song was a tune of epic proportions. Damian shocked the world with his extraordinary arsenal of words and Nas came through with flows that would stand the test of time. They synchronized amazingly on the song that it”s hard to believe they were two people on the same song, as an aspiring rapper at that time, there was no way I wasn’t going to study it immensely.

These songs were it for me. Riding down nostalgia lane, I think I’ll have to stream them on apple music again.

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