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By Chinenye Onukwubiri

Relationships come and go, and heart breaks happen – a lot. But do you often wonder what went wrong? If you feel your partner slipping away, here are 10 things that can bring them back to you. You’re welcome:

Focus on the positive

Remember the fabulous qualities you noticed in your partner when you started dating? Time and stress may have brought their less favourable qualities into sharper focus but their good qualities are probably still there.


Many people become selfish in their relationship, always thinking about how to satisfy themselves. “He does not make me happy, he does not buy me stuff,” they say. Meanwhile, do you make him happy? When you pass by a store and see what you like, do you think if she would like something also? Do you share your happy thoughts with them, just so that they can laugh? Always try to think about each other and put the other first.

Do something crazy

Embark on a journey together. Get out of your normal routine and try something extreme and out of the ordinary like bungee jumping or sky diving.


Do you spend a lot of your time trying to read your partner’s mind? Limit the work by being open and honest, it can bring you closer. Ask your partner what he or she needs from you.

Focus on you

Fuel your passion? By training for a marathon. Just go out and do it. When you love yourself and your work, you bring more energy and interest into your relationship.

Use your history

Remember those efforts you put in on your first date, like the way you kissed your partner. Try them again and this time, make them a habit.

Check Yourself

Do a rethink and analyse your ways, especially if your spouse has some specific things she keeps complaining about you. Yes, you must be yourself but you should also be able to improve on your good qualities and do away with the bad.


No, don’t change who you are. Change your routine. Is your routine already boring and expected? Switch it up a bit with your spouse and give them something to comment about your changed routine. Make sure it’s a change your spouse can cope with though.

Make them jealous

This may not work with everyone, but if you notice your spouse is looking outside, or being oblivious to you and matters concerning you, give them the fear of losing you. Let them see you through the eyes of other people. Gist them about the boy or girl checking you out at work, or about the cars that stop to pick you up on your way out.

Make an effort

It’s commonplace to get relaxed after the relationship has gone a while, but you should not. Make efforts to look good. Style your hair properly, even though he has seen them ruffled a lot, work out, even though she has seen your one pack, apply makeup and try to look good, even when he says you look beautiful without makeup. Just make an effort to remind them how beautiful you still look.