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By Alexandra Bazuaye

With a town that never sleeps, it is a well-known and confirmed fact that living in Lagos is not easy for the common man. Imagine waking up at 4am; setting out to work by 5am, using four different means of transportation to get to your place of work, eating a ‘non-balanced’ diet, dealing with work stress and getting home by 10pm on a daily basis. This is the reality of so many inhabitants of Nigeria’s economic capital, and one thing is for sure, a helping hand can always go a long way. We need to show love to those who live around us, and Lagosians definitely need to get on this bandwagon.

So if you live in a boisterous city like Lagos, here are some easy ways you can show love to fellow Lagosians. At the end of the day, it makes our world a happier place to live in.


  1. A greeting and a smile can never hurt: It makes a great difference to say hi to the person next to you. You don’t need to be conversational, just a simple hi, hello or good morning is what some people yearn for. Better still, top it up with a smile. It can prove to be very infectious, and can be a great boost to someone’s day.
  2. Give compliments: There is always something good to compliment someone about. And if you never think there is, then keep looking till you find one. It could be their outfit, their looks, their knowledge, their handwork, something genuine to say the least. Endeavor to pay someone a compliment today.
  3. Give someone a ride: As you drive across the metropolitan city of Lagos, hundreds of pedestrians abound. Be cautious when doing this, but try to give someone a lift, you never know where or when next you’ll meet.
  4. Pay for someone’s toll fee: There is always that somebody who ends up not finding their cash at the toll gate. You can make a difference today by helping out with somebody’s toll fee.
  5. Pay for someone’s lunch: Just like football, food is also a unifying factor. So while you wait on the queue to pay for your lunch, pay for the person before you. Better still, you can also take an extra lunch pack for someone at your work place or school. Make sure you do the one that suits your pocket abeg o!
  6. Donate to a cause: There are numerous charities and NGOs who need your support. These forms of support could be financial, volunteering, provision of free goods and services, whatever you have at your disposal. Show love to thousands of people you may never come in contact with by supporting charities. Donate your old books, clothes, shoes and offer pro-bono services to NGOs.
  7. Random acts of chivalry: Hold the door open for someone, help someone with their load, whatever works for you. But employ acts of kindness during the course of your day.
  8. Pick up litter: We need to love our environment because it is our dwelling place. Show love to your city by keeping it clean today. Even if you can’t pick up random litter, make sure to dispose your litter properly and tell others to do same.
  9. Do YOU: There are somethings that matter to you, things that make you smile, things that rock your boat. So replicate that singular act which normally makes your day and give someone the opportunity to experience love.
  10. Surprise Someone: This may seem to be the hardest part when it comes to showing love in Lagos. We understand that there may be time constraints; you are too busy at work, you are planning a schedule of events, you are preaching, you are carrying out transactions, you are at the bank, you are running late for a meeting, just try to surprise someone. It may be in the smallest way, but it will be appreciated for sure. Get your colleagues little gifts, visit a friend at the office or set up a surprise lunch, just ensure you do what you can and you’ll not only be putting smiles on people’s faces, but yours as well. Life in Lagos shouldn’t be too hard after all.

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