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So the wedding day is something almost every girl dreams of as a child.

We all have that mental picture of how perfect we want that day to be a we walk down the aisle to the tune of ‘Here comes the bride’.

Some of us even imagine the look on our to-be husband’s face, how he would smile, maybe even shed tears of joy, as he watches his beautiful bride walk down the aisle in the most beautiful dress that we hope to wear only once in our lifetime.

So you won’t blame me therefore, if I am puzzled, even now, about why some people will like to do this to themselves on their special day.

It is the one day that everything is actually literally all about you and what do you make of it? An unforgettably ugly wedding dress?!

Please laugh with us as we take you through some of the worst wedding dresses known to man.

If you have seen uglier ones, please do not hesitate to email us and let us laugh with you:


This outrightly scares me. It looks like she has tentacles. Ursla’s sister is getting married.


Ok, this just looks like Korean jazz. Her facial expression is definitely not helping.


Who smiles while wearing a dress like this?! Does she have no idea what she looks like? An Easter egg maybe?


Definitely the dame of Nottingham! Sexy though.


For some reason, this dress reminds me of a turkey… or maybe it’s an ostrich?


Well, at least, the feathers assure us it is not her menstruation blood flowing between her things to the ground.


Well, at least we can guess what the wedding night will look like for this couple.


She just looks like she is going to the river for a deliverance session with you know, those people that go to rivers wearing white for deliverance sessions.


Well, she surely cannot be getting married on earth. This has to be a space suit for a wedding on the moon.



This dress probably might have lloked better without the python-looking wool drooling from her head, but we’ll never know now, would we?


Even the girl looks sad. Head to toe “no-no”.


This dress would feature rightly in Game of Thrones. The colour beneath just looks like some magical item gushing out of her dress to kill everyone around.

Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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