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Naija Arts Market Is Africa’s First Ever Ecommerce Platform For Handmade Items Only, Specializing In Handmade Items From Nigeria.

It Boasts Of Over 50 Retailers Across Different Categories Who Sell Handmade Leather Bags, Paintings, Sculptures, Furniture, Basket Woven Items As Well As Ankara Branded Items

Founded On October 1st, 2019(Nigeria’s Independence Day), It aims to

1) Showcase The Rich Culture Of Nigeria To The World

2) Showcase Not Just The Rich Culture Of Nigeria But Also The Unbeatable Talents Of Nigerians

3) It Also Aims To Bridge The Gap Between Global Sellers And Nigerian Art Retailers. Products Are Marketed To Thousands Of Consumers Across The World On A Daily Basis

4) It Aims To Ultimately Improve The Livelihood And Enrich The Lives Of Local Art Retailers Who Do Not Necessarily Earn Up 2000 Dollars In A Full Year

5) In The Long Run, The Brand Aims To Be A Household Name For Foreigners To Experience Nigeria Not Just By Purchasing Items But By Joining The ‘Proudly Naija Tribe’ Where They Get Notified About Nigeria, Her People, Her Culture, Tourist Attractions And Even Get Deals To Tour The Country.

The Dream Is To Put Nigeria On The Global Map For Celebration. To Showcase The Positive Sides Of Nigeria Relative To What May Have Been In The News.

Nigerians Through This Platform Will Also Love Made In Nigeria Products And Fall In Love More With Their Country Through Several Events And Digital Activations Planned For Subsequent Months

Naija Arts Market Is Founded By a  Nigerian,  Mrs Phoebe Dami-Asolo.

Naija Arts Market, Proudly Naija To The World

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