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We have jammed their greatest hits, watched their videos, and some of us may have attended their concerts even, but most of all, we have mourned them. Here is the list of late artists who need to come back to life and give us audio reasons to rejoice.

15.  Proof 

Died April 11, 2006


Eminem’s best friend and member of the former Shady Records rap group, D12. The late Proof was one of D12’s illest with his well thought out punchlines and deep hoarse voice.

We need Proof back to reform D12 because no hiphop group is powerful today.

14. Brenda Fassie 

Died May 9, 2004


Vulindlela has been an African anthem for over a decade. Brenda Fassie’s hit song will forever be chanted across the continent by even those who have no idea what the lyrics say or mean.

We need Brenda Fassie back to life to give us a full album filled with songs we don’t understand but sing like we wrote them.

13. James Brown

Died December 25, 2006


GET ON UP….and wish the Godfather of Soul back to life. James Brown is the man and the voice behind so many soul hits, that you may know, but not even realize are by the Godfather.

We need James Brown back to life to give us a soul hit with modern instrumentals. Or a remix of ”I FEEL GOOD”

12. Eazy E

Died- March 25, 1995


Eazy is his name and the boy is coming ”Straight Outta Compton”! That was the legendary sign-in line by Eazy E on the smash hit gangster rap pioneering single by NWA.

We need Eazy E back for an NWA reunion tour.

11. Kurt Cobain

Died April 5, 1994


Lead singer of Nirvana and husband to Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain was the young rocker serving as front man of the band that knocked Micheal Jackson’s Dangerous album off the number Billboard spot.

We need Kurt Cobain back to give us an evolved sound of rock music and do hiphop collaborations. Imagine a Nirvana Featuring Eminem Love Song.

10. Barry White

Died July 4 2003


Mr Baritone voice Barry White is one of those artists to always feature on old school love playlists and greatest hits compilations. The depth of that voice is not one that has been duplicated in this generation

We need Barry White back because ain’t nobody singing to the ladies in that base baritone sound.

9. Dagrin

Died April 22, 2010


Some people credit Dagrin as the one Nigerian rapper who paved the way for indigenous rap music to be embraced, thereby encouraging more mcs to spit in their mother tongue. Not everyone understood his Yoruba rap, but the raw fury of it was easily relatable.
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We need Dagrin back for street hop jams that actually contain bars.

8. Marvin Gaye

Died April 1, 1984


One of RnB’s legends who’s name keeps recurring in modern music. His greatest single ”’Sexual Healing” has been sampled over and over again by hiphop and RnB artists alike.

We need Marvin Gaye back to feature on a Drake track.

7. Amy Winehouse

Died July 23, 2011


Amy Winehouse brought music with elements of pop and soul fused in, plus an ultra unique voice that slayed that Back to Black album from start to finish.

We need Amy Winehouse back to live perform the hits from the post-humous compilation album Lioness: Hidden Treasures.

6. Aaliyah

Died August 25, 2001


A number of hit singles and a few movie appearances were not up to half of what we hoped and expected from Aaliyah before her untimely death. But we still throwback to her songs when we want to feel a bit 2000ish.

We need Aaliyah back to record tracks produced by Kanye West, Dr Dre, DJ Mustard and so much more.

5. Prince

Died April 21 2016


The artist who renamed himself by a symbol. Prince was remarkably in his own lane and running his own league.

We need Prince back to star in a blockbuster movie about a rockstar.

4. Tupac

Died September 13, 1996


The human advocacy for Thug Life, and your favourite rapper. Pac was the storytelling king of the 90s. The rap was not typically gangster rap, but more of ghetto gospel due to its poetic delivery.

We need Tupac back to talk about worldly issues like Boko Haram, domestic violence, and Trump being president.

3. Biggi

Died March 9, 1997


Big Poppa was the king of the flow. The delivery of a Notorious B.I.G verse was so smooth that it sounded like audio silk. Till date, the structure of Biggie Smalls’ rhymes remain irreplicable.

We need Biggie back to do a hard trap song, and then do a DJ Khaled feature. Imagine Jay Z’s I Got The Keys…..but with BIGGIE.

2. Whitney Houston

Died February 11, 2012


Whitney Houston remains one of the most tragic singer deaths of all time. You may have a hard time picking your favorite Whitney song, because they are soooo many fantastic tunes to choose from.

We need Whitney Houston back simply because…..who else will give us sweet and powerful vocals like she used to? Who?

Before the number spot, here are some worthy mentions.

Bob Marley, Left Eye, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon


  1. Micheal Jackson

Died June 25, 2009


And the number 1 spot goes to the King Of Pop. The one man who walked this earth with vocals, dance and melody on supernatural levels. The one artist who’s 10 random songs can come on, and you know the words to everything.

We need Micheal Jackson back because………….he was BAD!!!

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