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By Damilola Faustino

Love they say is blind… And this is actually true when you start dating your partner. You accept them wholeheartedly. You can barely survive a day without talking to them. They are your ‘good morning’ and your ‘good night’.


In a few months, you become utterly confident and convinced that he or she is ‘the one’. In fact, you are comfortable enough to look into their eyes to tell them ‘I love you‘. Even if they do not respond, the glow in their eyes give them away.

You both are so in love that your friends wish for your kind of relationship and of course, you become a regular visitor to each other’s homes.

Who can relate so far?!

Until at some point, the bubble bursts and both of you no longer see eye to eye.

broken up couple

You start wondering what is happening and why things are taking a downturn. Sometimes, you try to fix yourself, other times, you decide the other person is the one who needs fixing.

Then the blames start carrying. You push each other away. It no longer becomes easy to forgive each other’s wrongs. You begin to crave happiness again. You begin to wonder where all the giddy love feeling you had went to.

If it gets bad enough, you both can barely stand each other’s touches and eventually, you decide you can no longer do this. You need a break, you say and the break becomes permanent. You wish to format the sweet memories from your brain. You begin to see all the person’s flaws and shortcomings.

The complete turnaround is a 180-degree change and the sweetness associated with that person switched to bitterness.

Fact is:

Almost everyone wants a loving and committed relationship to last forever. If it is meant to happen, it will. But, the fact remains that things will not always go the way you plan. So, you should be openminded, give your best and ensure that you are on the same page with your partner. A one-sided relationship is no relationship.

Although you may find it difficult to accept the fact that he/she is out of your life, you have no choice than to move on. Delete pictures, hang around sincere friends and believe that a better person will definitely come around. Time heals wounds…you will definitely recover…

But here’s the question: What causes break ups?!

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