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The MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards) was last night and it’s safe to say that a whole load of stuff went down.

First off was the red carpet. Beyonce showed up looking fabulous (if ever so slightly like a feather duster) along with a brood of famous ladies, including Winnie Harlow and Annie star, Quvenzhané Wallis. The best dressed of the bunch hands down was Bey’s daughter, Blue Ivy, who looked like a real life Disney princess and totally stole the red carpet. Keep on slaying Blue!

blue ivy vmas

MTV vmas

Another red carpet star was Nicki Minaj who wore a revealing yet tasteful dress as she posed with Number One ‘L’ collector boyfriend/rapper Meek Mill. It looked good but it also looked tight. And from the way Minaj kept leaning on walls and pillars and her boyfriend, we wonder if she was actually able to walk. Anyway, who cares- fashion over comfort abeg.

nicki minaj

Next was the award show itself. There were no surprises when it came to the award winners- Bey dominated everyone, Drake won for the dad dancing he did in Hotline bling and that awesome song from Suicide Squad by twentyonepilots scored an award too. But tbh whatever because no one cared about the awards- it was all about the performances and the celeb watching.

We’ll start with the comedy of the night- because it all sucked. Key and Peele are usually hilarious but for some reason, they were so dull it was almost irritating last night. We’ve had to watch about three episodes of their show to remind us that what we saw yesterday was not their real faces. Also unfunny? Jimmy Fallon’s Ryan Lochte impersonation. While making fun of the Olympic swimmers recent scandal, he somehow managed to do nothing but bore us. The only highlight? Michael Phelps dying of laughter and making it super obvious that he can’t stand Lochte. Olympic level shade.

ryan lochte vmas

key and peele vmas

Rihanna received the Video Vanguard award, recognition that she’s one of the most influential artists in the game today, and we think with the award came a lot of performances as she had about three sets. Because we love Rih, we’ll start with the positives first.
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Rihanna’s outfits were all FIRE. I mean yes, at some point she had a mullet but she rounded up the night in a BEAUTIFUL Alexandre Vauthier gown and made everything better in the process. She was gracious when receiving the award (presented by a rather awkward Drake) and her excitement and joy was apparent the whole evening. In fact, Rihanna was amazing- except when she was singing. Her voice isn’t great guys. It’s gotten better, we’ll admit. But as we heard yesterday, better definitely does not mean good. And voice aside, what the hell was she doing with her hands??? She looked like she was battling demons or trying out some witchy incantations. Next time Rih, just hold the mic. When in doubt, always just hold the mic.




Another mediocre performance was Britney Spears. It was supposed to be her grand Second Coming. She disappointed the entire nation back in 2007 when she performed ‘Gimme More’ and looked like an awkward kid performing in a beauty pageant. And yesterday was all about redemption. For the most part, she did a good job. She was lip-synching, which sucks, but her dancing was good and her props were alright. But it was mainly a lot of ‘meh’ moments. Her new album Glory is full of fun, dance-y pop songs so her decision to use the slower ‘Make Me’ tune? Meh. G-Eazy’s appearance and her rubbing up against him? Meh. Her outfit? Meh. All in all, she was… meh.

britney spears vma michael loccisano getty final

MTV gave Kanye West four minutes to talk. It was obvious what they were hoping for- another senseless, controversial West rant that would set Twitter ablaze and get everyone talking. It was a rather blatant move- and one Kanye didn’t fall for. He got up on stage and just… talked. He mentioned Taylor, he mentioned his ex Amber Rose, he called Kim Kardashian a G, he talked a little about the state of confusion America is in and ended by saying he loves everybody. The highlights for me were how excited Kim looked the whole time, how excited Chance the Rapper looked the whole time and watching Desiigner drinking in the background, also looking ridiculously excited. No controversy. No drama. Well done Kanye!


There were a few more performances. The Chainsmokers gave a pitchy show and Ariana Grande rode a gym bike (lol, what?) but those were all boring and irrelevant because BEYONCE GAVE A FIFTEEN MINUTE SURPRISE PERFORMANCE AND SLAYED OUR ENTIRE LIVES AND NOW WE ARE DEAD. Slight exaggeration, we are not dead IJN. But we did have a wonderfully good time. It was a tad too long and there were a few bits that didn’t really have to be there (‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ was… yeah) plus it would have been awesome to get a few reaction shots from the audience and watch celebs dying from Bey’s brilliance. But at the end of the day it was the best moment of the whole entire night and will without a doubt go down in MTV Video Music Awards history.




So basically, the VMAs this year weren’t half bad. Rihanna’s hands freaked us out, Kanye gisted us with us small and Bey tried to kill us. But all in all, not a bad way to spend two hours.

Images: Bella Naija, Just Jared, MTV, VOX.com

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