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By Oluwaseun Ashiru

Come on we all want to switch things up in our favor this year, I mean who doesn’t? To make a meaningful impact in your life you could follow these rules judiciously:


  1. Put God first: yeah yeah it’s a cliche everyone says, but it’s the honest truth. Without God things can go from 100-0 real quick. We are not saying you must go to church every Sunday but have a healthy relationship with God, fast and pray seriously for the things you want from money to husband or children. We all know that God answers prayers especially from a serious heart.
  2. Cut off toxic people: if you have friends with bad habits that you don’t really appreciate or people who don’t want to move on with their life and make something of themselves do cut them off, they are not needed they will only draw you back and this year you don’t want set backs; you only want to move ahead and keep beating your own record.
  3. Find a circle that has the same goals you have: if it’s money you are looking for or wife whatever it is, move with like minded people so as to keep motivating yourself and reminding you of your goal.
  4. Stay healthy (eat and exercise): this is paramount to success. Look the way you want to be addressed you can’t be on the plus side and expect to be on the cover of a health magazine, that’s an impossible target. Remember,a fit body is half of a fit mind. If you know you have an eating problem consult your doctor to find out how best you need to go about solving the issue. No one is saying you should run round the whole earth but do sit ups, carry some weights, eat salads once in a while, drink water which is very important as it aids digestion and clears out the diets of the body.
  5. Make a career out of your passion: we all want to be great in life but no one wants to work hard for it. Her is an advice how about you pick up your hobbies and make it a career you might not make so much at first but as time goes on you will and you will win both ways by doing what you like and earning a lot from it.

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